Lots Of Whining And Complaining About Us JW's

by Deaconblues1914 80 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Deaconblues1914

    Yes. Seems like you're all disillusioned for some reason. You're all lost souls. You have no hope. Nowhere to go but to a website like this to whine and complain about JW'S. This is your truth. This is YOUR RELIGION! I actually am starting to feel sorry for "some" of you. I'm sure some of you are very good, decent, God-fearing people. For these individuals, I hope you truly find your way back home. Jesus will close the door soon folks. You think this world will get any better? It's getting worser and worser very fast. Yes. Time is of the essence folks.

  • Vanderhoven7


    I could never be a Jehovah's Witness simply because your religion is not biblical.

    To clarify: every doctrine which is original/unique to your religion is extra-biblical.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    It has nothing to with jealousy, but indignation. The fact that organizations like the Watchtower and Roman Catholic Church continue to not only exist, but prosper, is probably the best empirical evidence for the nonexistence of God that any atheist could ask for. Since I'm pretty sure you are a troll, I'm not even going to get in to WHY the WT is evil.

  • Deaconblues1914

    Yes! My dear brother Morris was right. This is truly a waste of time and precious energy. I just hope I gave some honest hearted individual on here something to think about. And BTW "baker", nice to see that you go to our website and listen and read such encouraging spiritual truths. Keep up the good work. I can't even fathom the anger and hatred on this board. It's truly evil. Demonic. Most of you are reflecting the spirit of your true father. Satan the Devil. I don't see hardly anyone on this board with a Christlike personality. Goodbye everyone!

  • Steel

    Explain the book of John and why it's different than the other gossips?

  • dubstepped

    Since this troll isn't even any fun, it's DOGS IN HATS TIME! (This is the response to trolls in another forum I'm part of, and it is fun. Everyone likes dogs in hat more than stupid troll fights.) Feel free to post your own.

    I like to think this dog is both at a birthday party, and not listening to the ramblings of the OP.

  • doubtfull1799

    It is easy to say that you are the only one preaching the good news, when you write the definitions of what the good news is! That automatically rule out anyone else who is not doing it hour way, though they may be working just as hard as you. If you are preaching the good news then why are you not baptising people in the manner you quote from Matthew 28:19,20, in the "name of the father, son and holy spirit?" Is that how you were baptised? I think not. You were baptised in the "name of the father, the son, and the organisation."

    You make some pretty poor generalisations here. Many here (myself included) are not disfellowshipped (and even if they were how could you possibly know if they "deserved" it? That is just rude, not very Christian of you is it?) and I would say that most if not all know exactly what "you are really about," as they have live it the same as you. I still visit jw.org regularly but it is now not the ONLY source I use for information.

    I certainly have what it takes to practice true Christianity, have been practising it for over 40 years. I don't know how long you have been in the truth or what you have done in service?, but I seriously doubt you can match my service record, which can be seen by looking at my first post. What is sad is that you would make such inflammatory and ignorant statements to people you don't even know, people who may have done more in the organisation than you will ever do...

  • dubstepped
  • doubtfull1799

    Care to give us any facts/evidence/proof to back up your claim that the "world is getting worse very fast?" Worse in what way? You show your lack of knowledge and thinking ability when you make broad, unsubstantiated and emotional claims like that. If you want to participate here or help people here, you will need to come with some well thought out arguments and proofs, not slogans.

  • IronSharpensIron

    Who would you rather hear "The Truth" from, the proven liar of an abusive husband(JW.ORG)? or the court hearings under oath, parents, wife, and children who have put up with it for years until they realized that he was really controlling and abusing them and needed to go? The only power this organization has is the power the followers give it. If you took away all the followers, the elders would be a sad angry confused group of men, following some crazy hats living in NY paradise living off what little they had stored up for years in their coffers.

    Much love,


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