Lots Of Whining And Complaining About Us JW's

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  • wizzstick

    I would hate to be you when the G.T. breaks out.

    I'll have a G&T thanks!

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    DeaconBlues1914 » I actually am starting to feel sorry for "some" of you. I'm sure some of you are very good, decent, God-fearing people. For these individuals, I hope you truly find your way back home. Jesus will close the door soon folks. You think this world will get any better? It's getting worser and worser very fast. Yes. Time is of the essence folks.

    Wait...How about those of us who aren't JWs nor have ever been one? As a professed Christian, can you really condemn those of us who have never been in "the truth"? I mean, for all we know you're a troll and nothing more. But if you're not, do you think a truly just God would ever really blister someone for acting according to a sincerely held belief in another religion? Or even if they're a truly sincere atheist, would a just God ice a person for eternity if they really and absolutely believed there was no divine being?

    How could that be just?

    After all, the only way a just God could justly put the squeeze on someone would be if HE proved to that person that HE actually existed and had a true religion. After all, man is inherently imperfect. Would a perfect God condemn an imperfect human for erring, especially on a matter so critical as religion? Yet that's what the JWs and many other religions believe.

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  • Gorbatchov

    The religion is so blessed with blind for everything followers.

    Keep up the good work!




    The question is,... do you want to be among the few survivors?.....doubtfull1799

    You Support Mass Genocide..

    In a perfect world, you`d receive proper medical attention..


    "He`s a

    Jehovah`s Witness"..................."I Already Know That!"
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  • punkofnice

    Hello deaconb. I'm enjoying this thread. I have no axe to grind with individual JWs. The leaders have proven to be apostate leaders.

    Many JWs are my family. I was a JW until I realised the real truth about this circus called life.

    This smacks of a troll thread though, to be honest. You are too full on to be taken seriously.

    Ever heard of Jehovah's trumpet?

    Let the amusement continue.........................

  • Ucantnome

    Soon, very soon

    That's what the Witness who studied with my parents when they were in there 20's said, he told them it was impossible to for them to die of old age, they can live on into a paradise earth never needing to die. They died in their 80's lying incontinent in their beds, some paradise.

  • Splash
    it sounds like a lot of you are very jealous of the Wt. Society’s annual income and the money they/we have in the bank. Jehovah has indeed blessed us. HIS people!

    The Catholics have more money than WT does. Your logic means that Jehovah is blessing them more.

    Besides, since when is money any proof of God's blessing?
    Does this mean wealthy individuals are being individually blessed by God?
    If so then there are many JW's who are not being blessed, having been falsely told 50 years ago that they would never grow old in this system, so skipped getting properly educated.

    As usual, the simple mind of a parroting JW does not stand up to any level of questioning.

    The reason I no longer associate has nothing to do with the preconceived ideas you swallow from the WT.
    I no longer associate because the JW teachings are based on sand, are mans philosophy, and are provably wrong.
    You can ignore every single example of where the WT have got things wrong, you can excuse all their mistakes, flip flops, teaching changes, deceptive misquotes, appalling treatment of the flock, love of money and history rewriting (AKA 'lies') if you wish to remain blind. That is your choice.

    As for me, I've accepted that everything I was taught by JW's simply does not stand up to rational, honest, unbiased investigation, therefore the GB are not specially blessed by God, therefore I have no duty to follow them.

    I suspect that you will continue to blindly believe everything you are told, even when they switch ideas 180 degrees. "It's so clear now. It just makes sense!". Until it changes again...

  • Lostandfound

    I was going to watch a recording of President Trumps State of the U ion speech, ibut after reading Deaconblie1914 I had no need as he provided my daily dose of different reality news, boasting, and appalling denigration of people he knows nothing about. It most entertaining but not enlightening. Obviously he loves all those Bunker videos and loves Morris his dear brother. Well fortunately he is not my dear brother, and his words do nothing to inspire confidence in his post Truth speaking

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Hi Deaconblues. As a baptized J.W. of many years who's seriously studied the scriptures over the past 5 years, I'd like to hear your thoughts on just two of the numerous questionable doctrines of the WTBTS which I've found.

    1) Why does the "faithful slave" say that the Catholic church's practice of voluntarily confessing to one priest is unscriptural, when Jehovah's Witnesses are compelled to confess their serious sins to three elders?

    At Matthew 18:15-17 Jesus said nothing about elders being involved when someone commits a serious sin. The matter can/should be resolved between the two individuals alone, and no one else. Doing otherwise is going against Christ's words.

    2) Why did the original "faithful slave" create the teaching in 1931 that Christians had to witness for Jehovah?

    There is not one scripture to validate this teaching, but there are dozens of verses which tell Christians to witness for Christ?

    Matt. 10:18; Mark 13:9; Acts 1:8; John 1:15; John 5:37; John 8:18 John 15:26,27; Acts 10:39 Acts 10:43; Acts 13:31; Acts 22:15; Acts 22:20 Acts 23:11; Acts 26:16 1 Cor. 1:6; 1 Tim. 2:6,7 2 Tim. 1:8; 1 John 5:9 Rev. 1:9; Rev. 12:17 Rev. 17:6; Rev. 19:10 Rev. 20:4.

    If you can provide one single scripture which says that Christians are to witness for Jehovah, I will stand corrected.

    If you cannot respond, I'll completely understand.

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