Islam is a religion of peace (2)

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  • Ruby456

    luvunihateexams, there is more from - posted just 2 days ago (bolding mine)

    In light of danger faced by LGBT activists who are often viewed in opposition of Islamic tradition, the conference provides a safe place to discuss the conflicts surrounding religion and LGBT politics and identities.

    According to Prof. Rahman, the event aims to understand the resistance, obstacles and conflicts that exist in allegedly contradictory human rights issues, including freedom of religion or belief, and rights of LGBT persons, and to identify patterns of inter-sectional discrimination due to expressions of religious identities or sexuality.

    Here in Canada, Prof. Rahman’s research conducted with Dr. David Rayside of the University of Toronto also initiated their involvement with the Environics Research Institute’s 2016 Survey of Muslims in Canada. In efforts to update the first survey conducted in 2006, Prof. Rahman and Professor Rayside developed questions on current attitudes toward homosexuality.

    Although the survey results indicate lesser acceptance of homosexuality among Muslims than the general Canadian population, Prof. Rahman is encouraged that issues of tolerance, gender equity, and respect for difference are rated highly by Canadian Muslims. He feels this demonstrates a promising starting point for more difficult discussions around homosexuality and the acceptance of LGBT individuals within the Muslim community.

    “It shows the need for our research that will provide evidence on LGBT Muslims for the Muslim community to consider,” said Prof. Rahman. “One of the aims of our knowledge mobilization is to produce accessible information for Muslims on the realities of LGBT identities within Muslim cultures and hopefully contribute to a debate that leads to the greater acceptance of sexual diversity.”

    Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2016.

  • Ruby456


    What branch of Islam does not call for death for apostates, homosexuals, adulterers or does not call for the subjugation of Christians or Jews under the Dhimmi doctrine or the death or conversion of everyone else ... etc?

    It's doesn't matter what a Muslim does, it matters what he or she is identifying with.

    Islam doesn't doesn't do any more or any less of the above than secularism, christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, atheism ....need i go on?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    - off topic really?- not when you factor in social media - others agree - yes, it is off-topic.

    This thread is entitled 'Islam is a religion of peace (2)'.

    Coded Logic's OP is dripping with sarcasm - no doubt because he doesn't automatically swallow 'religion of peace' assertions consistently spouted by our leaders after every violent terrorist atrocity. He's no doubt looked at the evidence and formed his own conclusions.

    Now, what does a piece of far-Right, white human filth shooting a decent Left-wing junior MP have to do with this thread?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Ruby, I can't quite work out where you've put your head.

    It's either in the sand or up your *rse.

    Prof. Rahman lives in Canada. Canadian Muslims are more likely to be tolerant of homosexuality. Not because of their faith but because Canada is an extremely tolerant, progressive country. The only countries which have the death penalty for homosexual acts are Islamic countries - fact.

    Prof. Rahman is lucky to live in the West.

    I agree that the work he is doing is good and the tolerance of Canadian Muslims is something to be applauded.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    It is useless to conflate all Islam and Jihadi wolves. there are over 1 and a half billion muslims in the world ...

    It's you that's doing the conflating. You're conflating Islam and Muslims.

  • Ruby456

    very funny

  • Ruby456

    turns out that Thomas Mair, the killer of the MP Jo Cox, had links to white supremist literature from the US and to an anit-jihadi hate group here in the UK. Is that enough info for being on topic on this thread luvunithateexams?

    I get that coded-logic's opening post is dripping with sarcasm but to the extent that he selects koranic verses that paint Islam and muslims as bigoted and anti gay when the Koran does not mention homsexuality as there is not word for homosexual in the Koran, I want to add a another perspective in the interests of adding some more to the discussion. But kudos to him for emphasizing that some mainstream mullahs are using the Koran to condemn gays.

    I also want to show how the lgbit group's rights campaign taken as it stands is a little too like a one size fits all endeavour that would be detrimental to Muslim majority countries. I have read a lot about international rights and how these intersections are fraught with problems when a one size fits all implementation is sought too rigidly. For example they fit Christians and Chrisitian states very well but not non christian ones that well. Nathan Berman has done a lot of work on the problematic nature of international human rights and he emphasizes that they are geared towards those who have Christian traditions as their background. Secondly they favour people who have a certain level of economic affluence. If these human rights issues are pushed in poor countries it diminshes democratic participation and favours authoritarian regimes who plunder and pillage their people. i have shared Momin Rahman's work because he is sensitive to such issues and would like to work through investing greater awareness and change regarding gay rights in Muslim majority states but modified to suit local ethnic purses and sensibilities and bring grassroots people into discussion.

    However, I am offering this for discussion and do not expect everyone to agree with me.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Ok Ruby, thanks for offering Dr Rahman's work. It does add to the discussion.

    I'm still not sure what a far-Right criminal shooting a decent junior MP has to do with this thread.

    For example they fit Christians and Chrisitian states very well but not non christian ones that well - interesting comment.

    Why do you think that's the case?

    Could it be because Christians follow someone who didn't kill anyone but spoke a lot about forgiveness and love, whereas Muslims follow someone who fought numerous battles, beheaded captive Jews and spoke about killing?

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic
    It is useless to conflate all Islam and Jihadi wolves. there are over 1 and a half billion muslims in the world and even if you say that Islam itself is not a religion of peace and that it is a religion of bigotry and violence then you need to ask why has this not influenced those millions to do the same.

    Well that's just the problem isn't it? It DOES influence millions to do the same. A gunman kills forty-nine people in a a gay club and it's an act of terror. But in Saudi Arabia homosexuals are killed in full public view - and it's an act of "justice". Or a gunman kills the entire staff of Charlie Hebdo because they insulted the profit and everybody in the Western World loses their minds. But when ex-Muslims are regularly killed in Indonesia for simply converting to Christianity - nobody even notices.

    Muslims regularly threaten to kill - and actually do kill - anyone who doesn't act in accordance with THEIR beliefs. Fathers carry out honor killings against their "impure" daughters. Whole towns stone unfaithful women to death. Dozens of countries imprison or outright kill homosexuals and apostates are decapitated and their heads displayed for everyone to see. "Terrorists" are a fraction of the problem. If you want to see the true horrors of Islam look at the dozens of countries that have Sharia Law. Or look at secular countries with newly established Muslim communities.

    EVEN Sweden is having a problem with this!

    I am glad that in the US the vast majority of Muslims have integrated into Western Society and view these things as barbaric. But this is the exception - not the rule. Mainstream Islam is not nearly so tolerant.

  • Ruby456


    the relevance of Jo Cox and her murder tot his discussion is that she was working on bringing to light the many islamophobic attacks on muslim women in Britian - these attacks had increased by 80% over the previous year - I will let you join the dots

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