Islam is a religion of peace (2)

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  • freemindfade

    Committing an act of terrorism is a plausible interpretation of Islam

    Stoning an adulterer is a plausible interpretation of Christianity and Judaism

    What do you still see going on?

    this is a great article by someone I think has very intelligent points.

    It is time that we liberals took the fabled red pill and accepted reality. Just as this clearly has something to do with outdated gun laws, and just as those laws need reform, this also has something to do with Islam, which also needs reform today. No other stance makes any sense.

    Muslim apologists undermine reform

    JWS make a cartoon about gay marriage and we all jumped to criticize the hell out of them with good reason, also any other fundies that still preach the same message. In syria they are throwing gay people off of the tallest buildings they can find and we are too chickensh*t to insult islam.

    I've said it before, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

  • Phizzy

    Simon said " Since the reformation, Christianity has continued to be judgemental and unwelcoming but rarely does it's followers take direct action".

    The persecution of the Huguenots, the Russian Pogroms and the Holocaust all took place since the Reformation, and the womb that gave birth to such violent hatred was ".Christianity".

    This does not excuse Islam, but the action of Islamic Terrorists is not a phenomenon so far removed from that of Christian Terrorists historically.

    It comes down to the fact that all Organized Religion is divisive, and therefore is morally wrong in what it teaches regardless of how its adherents act upon the teachings. All religions teach that their way is superior.

    This is why we need proper Education in the world, this is why "faith" schools are an abomination. The followers of all the Organized Religions do not learn from those religions the truth that all Humans are equal in their right to life and happiness, and the right to choose how to find that, as long as doing so hurts no other human.

  • Simon

    Sigh ... I think there is a huge difference between something someone who happens to call themselves a Christian does and something someone does because they are a Christian.

    One is incidental and the religion no more part of the cause than the color of their socks. The other has everything to do with what happens.

  • SadElder

    Religion is a snare and a racket. Best statement I ever heard.

  • Simon
    Religion is a snare and a racket. Best statement I ever heard.

    True. We all thought they were condemning it though, not seeing it as an aspirational opportunity !

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I have a bunch of redneck 'merican Christians from high school among my facebook "friends". They don't just blame Muslims, they blame an insufficient amount of guns, and evidently they also blame atheists, judging by comments like these:

    "The problem isn't guns. It's a godless society."

    From what I've seen, they haven't posted any comments in support of the Orlando victims and their families. They've made it clear from their previous comments about LGBT issues how they feel about that. One of the most "Christian" of the Republican presidential candidates this time around (that got no traction) wrote this book:

    "God" barely rated above "guns". From the part of 'merica that I come from Christianity=GUNS! Conservative Christians may be furious about Muslims coming to this country, but if they're coming here the conservatives are going to make sure that every one of those Muslims gets as many guns as they want as easily as they can.

    I don't know why so many immigrants keep wanting to move here or even visit here. This place is nucking futs. As if the guns and political climate aren't bad enough, we have tornadoes, floods, traffic, and the country is filled with loud, fat, and obnoxious Yankees like Mike Huckabee and my "Christian" high school classmates * sigh* and the atheist moderately liberal (or liberally moderate) me.

  • kaik

    From what I've seen, they haven't posted any comments in support of the Orlando victims and their families.

    I live below Dixie line in a former Confederacy and certainly the Red Belt does not give a rat about the Orlando victims. Fox news posts are full of hatred against the victims and I can compare to VTech shooting, which was far more covered story than this at that time because it did not involve Latino gay and lesbian community.

  • LoveUniHateExams


    How does Islam foment (or promote) tolerance for gay people?

  • moomanchu

    The gay community and Obama have actually made America even more of a target for terrorist attacks.

    In a radical Muslims sick mind he feels even more justfied in killing the American infidels, because to him america is totally corrupt because of the rights gays have in this country and Obama's gay marriage law.

    But you'll never hear that talked about in the news.

  • Rattigan350

    Peace or not, like all religions, it is a waste of time and has not produced any results. People still die as that religion has not stopped it. It has not brought back the dead or fixed anything. No better than Christianity.

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