Has Cart preaching over taken door to door?

by blownaway 36 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Finkelstein

    I dont think Jesus would mind people standing on the street selling his Gospel, even its a false tainted Gospel by corrupt charlatans who made up their own literature .

    Proselyting a false Gospel is a sin but then again didn't Jesus come to earth to redeem mankind's sins ?

  • wannaexit

    I would say it has! most jdubs love the cart work. They can get their coffee and hang out on a bench and count time.

  • Vanderhoven7

    I've never seen a Witness cart in Montreal, Quebec. But I had two JW ladies come to my door on Friday. They came last week but I was away and my wife encouraged them to return and speak to me.

    We chatted for a bit; asked them how they became Christians; gave them my testimony; they showed me a short video about a home Bible study and asked if I would be interested. Of course, I agreed. She will visit me on Tuesday at 9:30 with an elder "Antoine" from her congregation.

  • Finkelstein

    Ask them if they feel like a true Christian supporting the lying corrupt charlatans of the WTS. ?

  • VIII

    I went to the county courthouse a few months ago and there were three JWs sitting with a magazine rack. They looked ridiculous and no one stopped to ask them for a pamphlet. I just giggled as I went by.

    I've had two home visits by the same group come to my home in the last 6 months. I am sure my Mother has called and told the locals where I live and I need Spiritual Guidance. Luckily I have a Ring Doorbell and can watch them stand and squirm and talk to each other while they know I won't answer. Dummies.

  • Vanderhoven7

    The dominant woman of the pair was actually quite a chatterbox...spewing out WT propaganda as if it were known truth. The apostles were raised in 1918....the end is coming soon....world conditions are getting worse...the churches of Christendom are evil....we are the true Christians. All this assuming that mere assertion proves something.

    "I can see you have a good heart", she says, "and your wife is lovely." Well I guess she can't be wrong about everything. She also assumed that an elder will be able to straighten me out.

    Should be interesting.

  • Listener

    It will be interesting Vanderhoven, please keep us updated.

    She was quick in arranging a bible (book) study with you. I wonder how long it will last before they decide (judge) that you do not have the right heart condition after all.

  • fulltimestudent

    I've had two D2D visits in the last 6 months. The last one was interesting. An older woman, possibly newer, and a younger one. The older woman started her presentation when I opened the door, stating that their purpose in calling was to share good news about the future.

    I interrupted her presentation, with a questiion, "I suppose that 'good news' concerns something god is going to do?" Of course she answered, "Yes!"

    So I continued, " ... Well, it wont happen, because there is no god." She then told me she was so sad that I did not believe in god. So I told her I was sad that she believed in a figment of human imagination, and that she was wasting her time in a useless activity. After, a few more verbal skirmishes, I told her I'd tell her another reason why she was wasting her time, so started to tell her all the false predictions about the 'end' as promised by the JWs, starting with Charley Russell's. I managed to get to Freddy's failed date, before the younger woman called it off, telling a white lie in the process. She said, "Oh! we have some other's working with us today, and I can hear them calling us, so we must go. "OH! you cant refute facts, can you, so you're running away," I pointed out. To which shew predictably said, "No! we just have to go."

    And they scampered off.

    From my office window, I watched six of them, sitting on the wall of my apartment block, discussing the conversation. Seeing me at my office window, they got up and left.

    Goodbye! YHWH's failed messengers, I thought.

  • eyeuse2badub

    An electronic bill board would be much more effective that cart preaching. IMHO!

    just saying!

  • steve2

    Haven’t seen them on our streets for well over a year or more. Zero visibility leading up to this year’s memorial. In past years they have managed to stuff a memorial invite into our clam-like mailbox. Periodically I see a ragtag of them at literature carts at our local shopping mall - but not located in the main public area. The reason I see them is I have my JWdar on. But they are not that persistent in their passive standing by “busy” on their phones. More days than not no carts or JWs to be seen.

    This is a religion that has run out of recruitment steam and those doing the cart work passively huddle together as the indifferent world passes them by.

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