Who shoots 223 AR15s?

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  • ShirleyW

    (now I'm understanding a bit better why coons was the word of choice instead of raccoons)

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    I love my guns, but would never allow an animal to suffer. That's disgusting. Also, I believe in responsible ownership, knowing how to use them properly and teaching others safe, responsible ownership. Some of the crap talked about in this thread is disgusting.

  • rockemsockem

    Who, When shooting an animal in the head they do not suffer. I just had another coon fighting with my cat last night. I will have to set the trap again.

  • LoveUniHateExams
  • just fine
    just fine

    Nobody who is an ethical hunter shoots a deer 5 times and doesn’t kill it. Then to not track it and finish what you started is disgusting.

  • rockemsockem

    Well JF. You don't know the circumstances. first off it was northern Wisconsin and deep in Hiawatha federal forest. It was warm no snow and a deer does not bleed the min you shoot them. It takes a few min to get blood sometimes. Then it was in such deep pines and cedar it was impossible to walk without bending over and crawling. We have several of us all seasoned hunters who have over 100 years of hunting collectively. Its not like I shot it and just said Oh well he did not fall down and go have lunch. We followed the fighting Coyotes at dusk and found the deer. By the time we found it they had literally stripped the meat from the bones leaving only tendons and the brain. I still drug it back and hung it on the buck pole. I also gave up on the 223 for hunting deer sized game. One of the guys said he tried this cal. for hunting and called it the chase em gun. Unless you get a head shot you most likely are going to chaseem.

  • rockemsockem

    SBR with Spekwar K suppressor. Quick detach. Nice suppressor for the money. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhE20A96FeM

  • blondie

    I just wonder where people get the money for these weapons. I always look at Gander World, and other places that sell guns to see what I might be able to afford, A fairly decent handgun or similar, costs about $500. Perhaps gun shows sell more cheaply.

    I can't even imagine having an arsenal of many weapons, and buying ammo for them. I know you can make your own ammo, as long as you do it right and safely.

    Wow, an expensive hobby. But if you own them, it pays to keep proficient in shooting and following the safety rules of using weapons.

    Just keep them out of the reach of children, your own and their friends. Make sure they know they are not toys or something to show off to their friends.

    I saw a survival show where a father was trying to teach his young daughter to shoot a gun I might find more than I could handle as an older adult. He accidentally clipped his thumb off and the show had to stop filming to take him to get his thumb reattached. The show kept that scene in.

    I can't stop anyone from doing what they want in using guns, but I also have the freedom of speech under the US Constitution to voice my opinion. Silence can mean agreement to some.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I used to enjoy shooting with a friend of mine. We would go north of Seattle about an hour or so, then follow logging roads for a bit until we were out in the sticks.

    Forty-plus years ago you could buy a "brick" (500 rounds) of .22 LR for $10. I am cheap AND I didn't have "deep pockets," so 22LR was my preference. My friend was less financially conservative (cheap) and would spend like a drunk sailor on guns n' ammo. We shot the hell out of anything we found, but we didn't kill things and we didn't shoot up any logging equipment that was resting during the sabbath. We weren't stupid. We did have lots of fun and tested lots of popular misconceptions about what a bullet could and could not do, sort of like "Mythbusters."

    I stopped shooting after I lost the central vision in my "master eye" as a result of a non-contagious eye disease I acquired. Bummer man, but shit happens, y'know?

  • Jehalapeno
    I shot a 3 point buck at 25 feet and hit it all 5 times. It ran off and the only way I found it was by hearing the Coyotes at night fighting over the caucus.

    Wow. This is why ethical hunters don't use a .223 on deer.

    Stop using your AR for deer, bro. That's not cool.

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