Who shoots 223 AR15s?

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  • JayDubyaDotOrg

    Ok so you're in love with guns, I'm betting you're in the US?

  • LV101

    Someone has to possess guns besides the derelicts of society and the tax-payer trained shooters that protect all the politicians who care less about the safety/well being of the sheeple. Unfortunately, the wackos grab hold of firearms or other dangerous weapons whether legal or not. I'm afraid of guns (not good) but clearly see the need for them until mankind evolves.

  • vienne

    My mom used to distance shoot using a 45-70 Highwall and a 45-90 Sharps. These are black powder rifles, very powerful. I enjoy shooting as well. Mom's best was on a 2 ft by 2 ft target at 780 yards using iron sights. Mom also participated in timed shoots. That's firing at a target with a pistol [Hers was a High Standard Olympic] as fast as you can with the best possible score. Mom won medals for that. She also had a single shot 45-70 Government load Thompson Contender. That's a pistol. Powerful enough to bring down a Buffalo, but only used for target practice.

    I do not do nearly so well. I do not hunt, though one of my uncles does, and I enjoy the venison.

    There is nothing wrong, in my opinion, with having a gun for protection, for hunting, or for target shooting. I will refrain from insult -okay so it's a mild insult- but American interest in guns and shooting meant that twice Americans and Canadians saved your sorry European butts.

  • iwantoutnow
    An AR15 is just a semi auto rifle. Works no different than a Remington 7400 or a Ruger 1022. It is just the ignorant fools who listen to the BS of the Media and think they know what they are talking about.

    Ah, I guess that's why that style of rifle is used by the Armed Services, as well as a fav of so many mass shooting perpetrators.

  • rockemsockem

    iwantoutnow No the AR15 was never used by the armed forces. The M16 was adopted by the US military in the 60s. It evolved into the M4 the most current one used today by the US military. The M16 was a selective fire, semi and full auto. The M4 is a semi auto and 3 round burst. The 3 round burst was adopbed due to the fact that when using full auto unless shooting into a crowd where people or what ever is shoulder to shoulder you miss way more than you hit. The AR15 is a semi auto not a selective fire rifle. It won the semi auto rifle wars IMO due to the fact that ammo is so cheap, about 179 bucks for 1000 rounds and cheaper if you load your own and easier to get than 7.62x39. Not that 7.63x39 is hard to get but most of it comes in from Russia. It was import banned from China. Also the AK was much harder to customize. The AR as I said before can be customized from color to type of stock, trigger, rails and add ons much easier than an AK. The avg. AR is 2 to 3 pounds lighter than its AK counter part. Due to the loose tolerances on an AK the AR is much more accurate. The pros of the AK are the bullets are 30 cal. or 7.62 MM and weigh avg 124 grains, the AR 5.56 mm or 22 cal and weigh on avg 55 grains. Penetration is much better on an AK round. But the Russians do not use the AK47 any longer they use the AK74 which necked down the 7.62 round to a 22 round.

  • rockemsockem

    A lot of what dives the AR market is the availability, and price. Right now you can pick one up for 350 to 400.That is cheap. The FNFAL is a great gun weighs about 6 pounds more than an AR and fires a 7.62x51 Nato or 308. I know for the purest they are not exactly the same but that is in the case thickness. You can fire a 308 in a FAL no issues at all. The other gun I like more than an AR is the M1a. this is a semi auto version of the M14 which was selective fire. It was never an assault rifle [M14] because it was a full on battle rifle. I shoot the M1a by Springfield armory. Great gun, a bit heavy. The AR is like going to the range with a 1022. Shoot all day and no issues with sore shoulder.

  • iwantoutnow

    Yes the difference between AR and M is one is auto and one is not ----- Unless you buy a bump stock and then use it to mow down lots of people. Tell me why did the Los Vegas mass murderer use an AR15? Was it because it was just like a Ruger or Remington? Or was it because for a few bucks he could make it into a M16 style weapon?

    I wonder why (not saying you - everyone is NOT like this), gun lovers are not happy with the Ruger or Remington as you talked about?

    Does it have to do that the AR is a Military style weapon with large clips? Why do the magazines and web communities around those guns always talk about and show military or militia iconography and talk about the government taking "our guns". And why are so many owners also dressed in military (not hunting) garb.

    FYI - I grew up with guns. My dad and mom were both hunters. I have no problem with guns for hunting, I do have a problem with people who fetishize guns and feel like their desire for a deadly weapon overrules public safety.

    This does not look like something for shooting deer or rabbits.


  • Simon
    I shot a 3 point buck at 25 feet and hit it all 5 times. It ran off and the only way I found it was by hearing the Coyotes at night fighting over the caucus.

    So you're an incompetent hunter who caused an animal pain and suffering because of it. You were lazy because you didn't spend every minute after that tracking down and finishing the animal in a humane fashion.

    This is one case where there should be gun controls - stop idiots shooting animals for fun with inappropriate weapons.

    Your last few topics have been about causing pain to animals. You are a sick psychopath and have no business owning guns. You're a poster child for the sort of sick idiot who's ability to own and use them probably should be limited.

  • blondie

    Great post, Simon!!

  • LV101

    Crazy wackos in my community were shooting coyotes and caused needless suffering. Loud whistles no longer worked and a few aggressive wack jobs took matters into their own, ignorant, hands while HOA board trying to resolve the issue -- which seems uncontrollable in other communities other than to trap and move but they return and if euthanized remaining packs seem to multiply. Someone was throwing poison around their property lines and coyote(s) died long, brutal, deaths. They weren't exactly sharp shooters and hit one coyote in the leg and left it to suffer mercilessly. These evil people are breaking the law and I hope our security finds out who they are to prosecute. I don't care for coyotes jumping over into my yard but we always yell and they race along their merry way. They are great hunters and keep the mice/rats/coot/geese/ducks/bobcats moving -- they're assassins but nutters were feeding them - residents breaking the law walking on the golf course, stupid golfers feeding them from their golf carts creating much of the problem.

    The ground keeper's trained, beautiful, Border Collie, ingested the poison and died and at least another dog very ill.

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