Who shoots 223 AR15s?

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  • Simon
    you thinking of visiting your local K-H ?

    Seriously? What an idiotic thing to say. We live in a world where there have been multiple cases of mass shootings at churches. I don't think it's something to joke about or inadvertently encourage or suggest.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    If someone is legally allowed to own a firearm and uses it to defend himself against an armed intruder or very deadly snake, then fine, I got no problem with that.

    But these posts by this same guy seem to be boasting about how he's put a bullet in something's head.

    It's not particularly nice. Many poisonous species of snake are actually quite shy - they'd rather flee than have a dangerous confrontation with humans.

    If you own a gun and you have to defend yourself then you gotta do what you gotta do but I don't think it covers you with glory.

    Just sayin'

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I think that this forum is not the place for this discussion. Surely there are other forums for gun enthusiasts.

  • rockemsockem

    Funny if you don't like the thread content why did you post on it? LOL Typical liberal. Coons are not a threatened species. In fact they adapted very well to humans encroaching on habitat. In fact I admire them a lot. Smart and cute. But the fact is they carry disease and many times rabies. They can be a danger to pets and humans. So when one is brazen enough to open a locked cat door to my porch and can get by the floor plate and steal the bait and not get caught then I have to resort to other means. I have trapped and relocated several coons and a few armadillos and Possum. I did shoot one coon that looked to be rabid. He was loosing fur and was highly aggressive. Better to be safe and eliminate him so no disease spreads.

  • Jazzbo

    I do, but mostly I shoot something that uses the 7.62 X 51 round. I just like bigger holes. I have an M1 Garand that was modified from 30-06 for the Navy and it's maybe my favorite.

  • TD

    I built one a few years back. (Mostly out of curiosity)

    American Spirit lower / Walther bull barrel upper

    For those who are wondering what someone would use such a rifle for:

    Mine is configured for target shooting and/or small game hunting. (Flattop with a nice scope)

    (The .223 is not a powerful rifle cartridge. It's not suitable for anything much larger than a coyote or javelina)

    It's true that the design is military in origin, but that is equally true for virtually every rifle under the sun.

  • rockemsockem

    TD, that is a very good point to the firearm ignorant. A Muzzle loader was once a military firearm, the lever action was developed for the civil war in the Tyler Henry, the bolt actions are all in some way based on the Paul Mauser design, the single shot in the trap door, revolver, pistol, semi and full autos have all been used by the military. Real gun owners not the fake ones used on the fake news site CNN know the end game is the same, if the left can chip away at the fringe, standard capacity mags, 20s and 30s and the cosmetic look alikes such as the AK, AR and others once they have that banned it would not be two shakes of a dead lambs tail before it would be "why does anyone need a snipers rifle [I.e. Scoped rifle] to defend them-self." That gun with a scope was made for killing I tell yas. Or the "assault " shot gun. Any shotgun not a single shot. Once they are gone you have a few revolvers and rifles that you can either say just turn them in or heavily regulate them so that they are as restricted as the full autos are now. All this would have to be contingent on a fulltardlib congress and presidency. Then enough time to pass so that they can pack the SC and get them to stomp on the constitution and let the congress ban what was never supposed to be banned. Its a ways out at best. But the snowflakes of today seem to get their knowledge from the collage bubble gum machine.

  • newsheep

    Simon, you living in Canada would know how strict it is here to own a gun and operate it. We would never ever make a joke about killings especially from those that own guns. Just joking about it can end with a heavy fine and six months in jail. That's the rules in Canada but the US not so much of anything.

    Recently when I took my gun course the teacher had told us that even when we are driving and get pissed off at the driver in front of us and decide to make gestures as though we want to shoot them off the road, that is a ten thousand dollar fine if caught on video or cell phone. It's a ten thousand dollar fine, and/or six months in prison plus lose our gun permit if we point a gun at someone. Even if it's empty. Do it in the field test for hunters safety course and that's an automatic fail. I don't think most understand how serious it is with guns.

    Go to the States and it's a whole different ball game. No courses required. All you need is to show that you are a resident of the US and you have your permit. No wonder there are so many deaths there. Over a million hunters in Canada and not one got shot last year.

    So depending on where some of these people live you can have a better understanding why they say what they say. Still no excuse but it is what it is. No one should be allowed to own a gun unless they have taken courses on how to prove the gun safe. And for all the guns here that have been mentioned we have to learn how to operate, clean and prove them safe. Whether it's the muzzle loader or flintlock, rifle, shot guns ect,, And for all the guns that have not been mentioned here we also have to know everything about them as well. In our field tria we had eight guns we had to identify and prove safe. Even though I had no intention of buying some of them ever I still had to know how to operate them. The restricted course was the same. It's really nothing to brag about. Again, it's not the gun but the people who operate them.

  • newsheep

    I have to agree with Simon here. If you shot a deer at twenty-five feet away and let it go off suffering you had to have shot in the wrong area of the deer like more closer to the stomach or back which here in Canada is not allowed if caught doing it. To let the animal go off and suffer and I knew you did that would force me to report you and you would be fined. You really should study up on code of ethics and morals. You also sound extremely immature and are looking to spark a fight here. If it were my sight you would be deleted as well as this post. Your an idiot and should be charged.

  • TD

    The U.S. is a mixed bag, with laws varying greatly by state and locality.

    The District of Columbia vs. Heller case, for example was triggered by the District of Columbia's refusal to allow a special police officer to keep a gun in his home, which is pretty restrictive when you think about it.

    Even in states (Like mine) where it is relatively easy to purchase a firearm, it is very, very, easy to go to jail through either ignorance or stupidity.

    The example you give (A traffic altercation where one or the other driver pretends to shoot) would be aggravated assault here. You don't even have to point. All you have to do is lean over and open your glove box or console in a way that suggests to the other driver you're readying a firearm.

    Similarly, spoken reference to a firearm in the context of using (i.e. In a verbal confrontation) it is aggravated assualt. Pulling back your jacket to reveal that you're carrying a concealed weapon is aggravated assualt. Even touching your coat pocket in a way that suggests you have a firearm is aggravated assualt.

    AA is not a minor offense in the U.S. The fines and jail time can be severe

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