Kingdom Hall ... BURGER KING?

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  • sparky1


    This just happened within the last half hour. One of my customers came up to me in the parking lot at work and wanted to exchange pleasantries. Eventually, the conversation came around to that 'new building those people have on the back road.' I laughed and said, Yes, that is the new Kingdom Hall. He said (quote verbatim) : "That is the ugliest church I have ever seen. It looks like a prison to me." The Governing Body certainly has used discernment in making the new Kingdom Halls inviting to the general public.!

  • sparky1

    Here we go again................!

    I just stepped outside to make a delivery at work and this conversation happened:

    After some political talk about Trump etc.,.........

    Kevin: What is that new building on the back road? Is that a Jehovah Witness church?

    Sparky: Well...yes it is.

    Kevin: It certainly doesn't look like a church. It looks like a warehouse. Not a very attractive building at all.

    Keep it up, Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. You seem to be alienating the public on more and more levels.

  • snugglebunny
    It certainly doesn't look like a church. It looks like a warehouse. Not a very attractive building at all.

    I always mix up warehouse and whorehouse.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Nowadays it’s all about having a building which they can sell in a few years for a profit, keep the money, and have the brothers build another one with donated labor.

  • sparky1


    About a month ago, one still in sister said that the new hall 'looks like a rip off of Starbucks'. And another still in sister said it looks like 'a cheap taco stand'.

  • mikeflood

    How about... .Kingdom Burgers !

    Name's catchy

  • Simon

    It's like they are building then with the plan that they be sold and more appealing for fast-food or other retail outlets.

  • stuckinarut2

    And, here is the Society's very own example of the new "fast-food" style KHalls:

  • Diogenesister
    The woman was a writer for the town’s newsletter, and later that newsletter included a report on the well-maintained Kingdom Hall. The article concluded, “We are glad the . . . Kingdom Hall is in our community.”

    This is from stuckys link on jw.borg titled "Kingdom Hall in your community". Its a typical giant boasting session.. I found the above quote there!

    😂😂😂This classic use of the "Watchtower ellipsis" has got to take the biscuit!!!

    "We are glad the..............kingdom hall is in our community"
    I mean take a random guess what belongs in the gap

    1. Tooth fairy arrived but we dont like the fact that the

    2. Trump administration has banned guns and that he's getting rid of the

    3.people have completed the noisy build snd hope we get no problems now the

    Take your pick or guess your own. Who the frack do they think they are kidding if they think the public will fall for that!

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    stuckinarut2 - The first KH is super ugly. The second looks like a horse barn. The third like someone hired cheap labor to make an addition, so sterile.

    I don't think anyone but a JW would believe what they wrote.

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