Kingdom Hall ... BURGER KING?

by sparky1 42 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Hairtrigger

    What are you guys talking about! Architects and builders from all over are asking for their designs.

    But the GB wants the praise to go to Jobo god so they refuse to let anyone have the blueprints!!!

  • joe134cd
    About a month ago, one still in sister said that the new hall 'looks like a rip off of Starbucks'. And another still in sister said it looks like 'a cheap taco stand'.

    Telling comments indeed. Wt if you end up reading this, “you just keep carrying on as you are,”

  • Pistoff

    Ugh, I looked at jay w dot org's pictures, that first one is so ugly.

    It is beyond belief that anyone could have thought that would be an inspiring building, between the square design and the ugly colors.

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