Do You Think Trump Should Be Impeached?

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  • peacefulpete

    Trump fired John Bolton, that alone should be redemption enough....

    I agree it was positive development. Bolton and Pompeo are both warmongers. The problem is he knew that when he hired them...So what changed? Before their appointments both Pompeo and Bolton were tripping over themselves to ingratiate themselves with Trump. After the appointments Bolton made the mistake of disagreeing in a public way over Trump's handling of the Taliban and Korea.

    I also agree that by nature Trump is not hawkish on war and I admire him for resisting pressure to attack Iran and Korea. However, he doesn't seem to understand that words matter and he might stubble into a war as a result. Pence is a hawk and a religious extremist IMO..

  • LV101

    So now it's Pompeo and Pence who are "warmongers" -- right! I hope President Trump continues with strength via words/warnings of action whatever it takes to protect the world from the actions/problems caused by the previous inept, leadership -- Obama/Ole Hil. Iran ring a bell and billions dropped off to aid them.

    You could always refer back to Horndog Clinton re/his gifts to the NoKo despot (don't forget bombing the aspirin factory -- doesn't get better than those 2 Dem leaders) and how successful that's been. One dismal failure after the other but easier to ignore the facts.

  • LV101

    Bolton clearly hawkish. Ole Hil right there but more into schmoozing/hawking our country's natural resources for her piggy bank.

    Yes Obama did give billions to Iran and your sources would need verification.

  • redvip2000

    Trump is too busy having a Tweeter war with John Legend's wife to care about war or anything else.

    Don't worry folks it's just another day in the Banana Republic.

  • LV101

    Why has President Trump had to 'fix' everything that Bush/Orator Obama were too weak -- let's face Or-Ob didn't have the experience in negotiating/business or anything being coddled all his life. It's a pattern with leaders - they're clueless just dynasty-political lifers.

  • sparky1

    YES and then removed from office by the Senate. However, that is my opinion. The will of the American people and the judgment of both Houses of Congress take precedence over my wishes.

  • Simon

    It's hard to imagine the state the world would be in with Clinton at the helm. How many military strikes and conflicts the US would be involved in? So much money to be made when there's a war on ...

    Trump seems to at least be hesitant to go to war, or even to just drone-strike people, which makes him a refreshing change from the last few clowns we've had that are all part of the same club.

    You don't have to like him, but you can't not like what he's done - not started a war = a big win (while not being a walkover).

  • RubaDub

    Iran ring a bell and billions dropped off to aid them.

    LV101 ...

    I'm not sure where you and many others get your "facts" about "giving" money to Iran.

    The US, in the case you are referring to, didn't "give" Iran anything. This money was not foreign aid or other funds coming from the US Gov't (or correctly, the US taxpayers).

    The US had put a freeze on certain Iranian assets. It was their money to start with. You may argue that the money should have remained frozen and not returned to Iran at this point. But that is totally different from saying that "Obama sent Iran pallets of cash" or something similar.

    That reasoning makes as much sense as a person going to a bank, making a withdrawal, and then someone claims that the bank is "giving" them money. It was never the banks money to start with, so how can the bank "give" you something that is not theirs?

    It's like people who think the government is doing them a big favor by sending them a big refund on their income tax return. The refund is just that, a return of the person's money that was overpaid and that the government was holding throughout the year.

    In these cases, neither Obama, nor the banks nor the government gave anybody anything.

    Rub a Dub

  • Simon

    Obama sent palettes of cash to Iran, $1.7m, cash that has been used to fund terrorism. It wasn't money that was owed as they never paid the fines imposed for their past terrorism and judgements against them.

    The world didn't owe Iran any money, the US didn't, but Obama was on his "trash America" tour and for some reason the left just loves Islamists.

  • Terry

    IF the pro-Trump electorate saw an impeachment trial on the agenda it would motivate them to appear at the polls.
    The idea is to suppress pro-Trump voters and that is best achieved
    by waving no red flags so close to an election.

    "The Opposition" is just rattling their sabers Kabuki style.

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