Do You Think Trump Should Be Impeached?

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  • JeffT

    I think Pelosi is dragging her feet on impeachment because she knows that all the bad stuff that went on under Obama will be dragged out into the light at the hearings. I assume that she's working on the assumption that a Democrat next year. That may be a big assumption, its what everybody said about Hilary.

    Simon: Impeaching Obama is a waste of time, he's already not President, which is the only possible punishment for impeachment. He can still be criminally charged if a crime becomes known (see above).

  • MeanMrMustard

    I don’t know... they might actually do it. I mean, I honestly think these people have gone off the deep end.

    I think Simon is right on Pelosi - she wants to make a big fuss and appear to be taking action, but she doesn’t really want to impeach. I also think JeffT is right - once Articles have been drawn up, and successfully passed, it all goes to the Senate, and the media will have a lot less choice in what they report. They will either have to black out some of the testimony, or face the possibility that the truth will get out on their network, to all 24 viewers.

    As for me, he should NOT be impeached. Do I want him to get impeached? Hell yeah! It would represent the mother of all Democrat cluster forks. If you think for a moment on all the stuff that has backfired on the Democrats since Trump ... all child’s play compared to this. Oh it would be so much fun.

    I mean, come on, can you just imagine the actual articles? You can’t tell me that they won’t list stuff like “He said he grabs women by the pussy.” Pfft lol, oh god. “He said he loves Nazis when speaking about Charlottesville.”

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    We are now in the outer limits. Still Totally ADD

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Just so long as they dont do anything constructive. I thought Bush 2 was n insipid fool, but maybe the better path was to not do things

    O, Clintons, and recent dems surely are guilty of real high crimes but will never see any sanctions

  • Queequeg


  • lastmanstanding

    Should Trump be impeached? Why not, he’s already impeared.

    And we know he’s a fruitcake.

    But seriously, I think they should try.

    What a show it would be!

    Oh American politics is so entertaining... watching the nation swirl in the bowl just before the vertical exit.

  • minimus

    The left is crazy about impeachment because it allows them to try to manipulate the electorate.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    why impeach a president that still has great chances in being re-elected by the poeple? That's what democrasy is all about.

  • rickroll

    The dems seem to be too dumb to get he may get impeached in the house and even get it passed by vote but its DOA after that. This is a I can not believe we lost so we want to get what we want by other means.

  • LV101

    Dumb dems are dead in the water but they will try every magic act possible (luck out and succeed at some point/evil prevails) -- after all they don't want the public investigating the swamp and the cover blown how political lifers of such incompetence/ineptness equals swampers (both sides) walking away from public office on less than a $200K/yr salary miraculously turned into multi-millionaire status. Obama/senile Biden ring a bell -- the taxpayers have been asleep. Ahh, but the swamp loves you and wants you to have everything for free - they received free and want to give free -- equal distribution - free everything except Obama slipped on that promise and better health care, and oh my a litany of socialist crazy -- priceless.

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