Do You Think Trump Should Be Impeached?

by minimus 60 Replies latest jw friends

  • frozen2018

    Mueller concluded that ...

    What attack are you referring to? The Russian meddling during the 2016 election? There was a President who was AWOL during that attack, but it wasn't Trump who violated the oath to protect America from all enemies.

  • LV101

    The president responsible was the great orator, Obama -- our country's most corrupt yet! He and Ole Hil had it all wrapped up with the aid of the Russians.

  • nonjwspouse

    Well, if he does get impeached it would most likely help him even more to get reelected. Pelosi knows this.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Minimus you make me laugh saying the Dem. manipulate the electorate by using impeachment. They are no diffrent that what the Rep.have done in the past over a blow job. You guys really need to get another line of reasoning. The "We Are Right" mentality will be the end of all us all. Because it will turn into WAR and I hope this is something none of us want to see. Still Totally ADD

  • Simon
    They are no diffrent that what the Rep.have done in the past over a blow job

    Except that actually happened, and he then lied to congress (not forgetting that he used and bullied a young intern).

    The documentary series about the whole saga was very interesting, a total abuse of power and position.

  • Simon

    iwantoutnow: Sorry, the russian collusion hoax is fake news, up there with the "fine people" hoax. If you try to push fake news expect it to be deleted. If people want to read lies, they can go to CNN. We don't need it here.

    Even Mueller didn't believe a word of the Mueller report, so why should anyone else.

  • minimus

    Trump is not getting impeached. Clinton did.

  • lastmanstanding

    I can’t believe I got 4 minuses...

    Maybe the good folks here didn’t get my humor.

    I said maybe Trump should be imPEACHed since he’s already imPEARed.

    And he’s a “fruitcake”...

    C’mon people.

  • minimus

    Socialists are impaired

  • Simon

    I'm also going to add "not believing the russia hoax = you're a cult" comments as "insta-delete" fodder.

    We could easily reverse it and suggest that people who do believe the democrat claims are just like JWs who swallow what the WTS tell them to. Would that be fair? There's actually more basis for it.

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