Do You Think Trump Should Be Impeached?

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  • minimus

    Some Democrats are zealously pushing the impeachment route to get rid of Trump. Even if you don’t like him, do you support impeachment proceedings?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I don't think Pelosi is a stupid as people think. I believe she knows that all the factual evidence of Trumps financial misdeeds will come out during proceedings in the election year and thus be present in the minds of the electorate. Its a matter of timing, not simply timidity towards impeachment. For this reason and the fact that its their fricken job to defend the country against all enemies, foreign and domestic that I support impeachment of Cheeto.

  • minimus

    First vote for impeachment... keep em coming

  • nowwhat?

    doesn't the president have to break the law first before impeachment proceedings? Just sayin

  • minimus

    Not in this country, nowwhat

  • Finkelstein

    There is no law established for a US president against incompetent stupidity, lying and general creepiness. so Trump will stay until he's voted out.

  • frozen2018

    Unless the House Judiciary Committee has something new, no. Complete waste of time and money. I'm glad my Representative is not on that Committee.

    For what it's worth, Congress is really good at wasting time and money so I guess it is business as usual.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Democrats better keep trying because Trump will win hands down on November 3rd 2020.

  • nowwhat?
    Yes vanderhooven wouldn't want the majority to win the election!😂
  • blondie

    My question, how many members of Congress were in Congress during Clinton's terms and are still in Congress?

    "Unless" edit you have lived through it from behind the scenes, I doubt you have a good overall grasp of the process in real life.

    Sorry, I should read my posts 3 times before posting.

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