Sam Harris on Trump - The Most Powerful Clown

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  • Magwitch

    Loved when he said this....... "The Roger Dangerfield of billionaires"

  • redvip2000

    Harris stated in one of his anti-Trump speeches that he would rather some random American be picked as the next president, even if he knows nothing about government or politics. I really don't see how that is much different than Trump

    I think you missed the point about what Sam meant. I recall that after this statement he went on to say that the reason is because there is a good chance that this person selected at random would be so humbled by the sense of responsibility, that he would immediately surround himself with a team that would be qualified to run the country.

    Now, judging by Trump's first chess moves, it could well be that Trump is finally realizing that if he screws this up, his entire legacy, including his financial interests and overall brand, could be ruined after the presidency.

    In my mind, his first few weeks of being president will be eye opening in realizing that the president is limited in his actions by a multitude of conditions, interests and backroom politics. This in the end, can mean that he will be just another president that moves the needle slightly to the right, at best. This is what we hope.

  • Simon

    Great diagnoses of the issue and mirrors my own thoughts.

    So many people IMO are not racist but have been made into racists by the regressive left.

    That doesn't mean they became racist, but they were labelled as such and blamed.

    Who are they going to vote for? Surprise ...

    Whether it's "be nice to Islam, whatever it does" or "BLM blame you even though you never owned a slave" or "shame on you for not knowing and using todays LBGTQXV!+ and invented pronouns" it's always the same message - you are wrong and we are going to berate you for being EVIL even though you haven't actually done anything to anyone, you're white, just existing is enough.

    I don't think Trump will turn out to be "a good answer" but it's understandable why Clinton and the democrats were not because to those people, in the short term, they are looking at the threats to them.

    Few appreciate the march of history and things like tensions in Europe and how NATO being undermined seem abstract and a million miles away vs what goes on in small town USA right now.

    The entire "they're coming to take our guns away" attitude is a reaction to the same things. The rhetoric and the message from the left has been all wrong, out of touch and has been shown up and lacking.

    Clinton epitomized it all. All calculation, no passion.

    But is Trump any better or just an opportunist who spied an opening? He's already appointing plenty of insiders and special interests to positions of authority. Expect nothing to change except who gets the cheques. Expect lots to get worse.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Harris is at his incisive best

    Not really, I have seen him doing much better. Ad hominem is what many like to hear, especially when referring to Trump, but it's not the Sam Harris that I know and expect.

  • cofty

    The content of the podcast is not ad hominem. As always Harris supports all of his criticisms with specific verifiable examples. By all means critique his arguments but at least be honest about it.

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    I may have to stand corrected on this particular podcast, but in previous podcasts about Trump, Sam has used ad hominem, hyperbole and mildly fallacious ways of argumentation.I am quite OK with many of us doing that, but I hold Sam to a higher standard because he uses very high standards in other critiques when Trump is not the subject. I can echo Sam's sentiments about Trump quite easily, I just believe that Sam has allowed his feelings to interfere with his almost flawless rational form of argumentation.
  • cofty

    For example?

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    For example

    listen after minute 20

  • cofty

    I did. No ad hominem.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "He likens the situation to being on an aeroplane where the pilot has died and somebody with no experience of flying has grabbed the controls"

    False analogy. Trump is not alone "flying an airplane". There's a cabinet, there's advisors, there's congress, there's a supreme court, there's powerful special interests groups, there's other countries' governments, there's the press, there's 320 million people who will help him or remove him way before the plain crashes. No, we are not dying in an airplane without a pilot.

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