Joseph Rutherford = Donald Trump

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  • Wild_Thing

    I have been rereading a lot about Rutherford lately; about his personality and the kind of person he was. I have come to the conclusion that he was a lot like Donald Trump.

    • He was an accused womanizer.
    • He was a narcissist with a self inflated ego.
    • He claimed to be persecuted by the media ALL the time.
    • He elevated his successes to things of more importance than they really were (i.e. "Judge").
    • He insisted on living like royalty.
    • He was not well liked and had few close friends.
    • He thought he was above the law (of both government and the organization) and could break rules others could not.

    There has to a psychological/sociological explanation for how Rutherford and Trump rose to power, despite being such horrible people.

  • JaniceA

    Trump isn’t a drinker, though! Rutherford was by all accounts a frequent imbiber of booze.

  • Gorbatchov



  • MrRoboto

    The psychology is this:

    sh!t rolls downhill.

    The obvious implication of this is that the one who is full of sh!t is on the top.

    Seriously though, there have been studies showing that sociopaths tend to be the ones in high positions.

  • oppostate

    They are both narcissistic personalities.

  • Jehalapeno


    You know, a majority of those points you mentioned could apply to Bill Clinton too!

  • blownaway

    As far as I am concerned this is about the JW cult not Politics. Skankles Hillary was a far worse choice then Trump. But Its really not a political forum.

  • Searril

    Other than the womanizer part, the list also applies to Hillary Clinton. And almost every politician in America, if not the world.

    And really, almost every celebrity in the entire world.

    Rich and powerful people tend to be a-holes. Not really a newsflash.

  • John Free
    John Free
    The similarities are clear to see really. Though most in the media probably are against him, not because of some conspiracy- he simply doesn’t represent the views of the media class. And trump’s promises are probably more reliable than Rutherford’s.
  • minimus

    Trump bashers beware! Lol

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