Joseph Rutherford = Donald Trump

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  • jp1692

    “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you!”

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    Brokeback Watchtower

    Trump is an outsider and for sure the FBI treated Hilary a lot better, I'm sure somethings kind of spooked him as He started his new job.

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    Okay, to redirect. The point, I believe, that the OP was trying to make is that narcissistic, demagogues tend to have many traits in common. As ex-JWs, it shouldn’t be surprising for us to see some similarities between Rutherford (the control freak that really turned this religion into a cult) and Trump.

    We could just as easily draw parallels between any two authoritarian autocrats, but Rutherford is significant in the history and character of the cult we all left and Trump is the current President of the United States.

    If we, as ex-Witnesses lived elsewhere in a country with a leader that exhibited such behaviors we would no doubt draw the appropriate comparisons, Rutherford to:

    • Putin in Russia
    • Orban Viktor in Hungary
    • Kim Jong Un in Korea, etc.

    Do the math.

    That’s all.

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    Thank you, jp1692. I wish I could like your post more than once.

  • Wild_Thing

    On a related note, I just discovered that Rutherford was knee deep in politics in Missouri before he moved to Pennsylvania to be Russell's lawyer. He ran for office twice and lost both times.

  • Wild_Thing

    Here is some of the text from Olin Moyle's letter to Rutherford when he resigned in 1937. Some of Rutherford's behavior toward others mirrors what we have seen and heard come out of the Whitehouse. Rutherford's manner of verbally abusing others around him is only one of the parallels I see with Trump.

    Conditions at Bethel are a matter of concern to all of the Lord’s people. Nowhere among imperfect men can there be perfect freedom from oppression, discrimination and unfairtreatment, but at the Lord’s headquarters on earth conditions should be such that injusticewould be reduced to the minimum. That is not the case here at Bethel and a protest should be made against it. I am in a good position to make such protest because your treatment of me has been generally kind, considerate and fair. I can make this protest in the interests of the Bethel family and of the Kingdom work without any personal interest entering into the matter.

    Treatment of Bethel Family

    Shortly after coming to Bethel we were shocked to witness the spectacle of our brethren receiving what is designated as a "trimming" from you. The first, if memory serves me correct, was a tongue lashing given to C. J. Woodworth. Woodworth in a personal letter to you stated something to the effect that it would be serving the devil to continue using our present day calendar. For that he was humiliated, called a jackass, and given a public lambasting. Others have been similarly treated. McCaughey, McCormick, Knorr, Prosser, Price, Van Sipma, Ness and others have been similarly scolded. They have been publicly called to account, condemned, and reprimanded without any previous notice. This summer some of the most unfair public reproaches have been given. J. Y. McCauley asked a question which carried with it a criticism of the present method of Watch Tower study. For that he was severely reprimanded. Your action constituted a violation of the principle for which we are fighting, towit, freedom of speech. It was the action of a boss and not that of a fellow servant. Securing an efficient mode of study with imperfect study leaders is no easy task, and no method yet produced has proved to be one hundred per cent perfect. You stated that no complaints had come to you concerning this method of study. If that be the case you have not had all the facts presented to you. There is complaint in various places that the Watch Tower studies have degenerated into mere reading lessons. It may be that the present method is the best that can be used, but in view of known limitations honest criticism should not be censored nor honest critics punished.

    Brother Worsley received a public denunciation from you because he prepared and handed to brethren a list of helpful Scripture citations on fundamental topics. How can we consistently condemn religionists for being intolerant when you exercise intolerance againstthose who work with you? Doesn’t this prove that the only freedom permitted at Bethel isfreedom to do and say that which you wish to be said and done? The Lord certainly never authorized you to exercise such high handed authority over your fellow servants.
    Since the Madison Square Garden meeting there has been a distressing condition of restraint and suspicion at Bethel. The ushers were placed in a tough spot but did an excellent piece of work. They exercised care and diligence in watching arrivals at the Garden, and prevented a number of suspicious characters from entering. They were on the job immediately when the disturbance started and quelled a disturbance which would have otherwise reached serious proportions. But for two weeks following the convention there has been constant criticism and condemnation of them from you. They have been charged with dereliction of duty and labeled as "sissies". To see some of these boys break down and cry because of your unkind remarks is, to say the least, saddening.

    You can read the entire letter here:

  • jp1692
    WT: He ran for office twice and lost both times.

    Well that explains a lot!

  • Perry
    There is complaint in various places that the Watch Tower studies have degenerated into mere reading lessons.

    Seems like this has been a problem from the beginning.

  • belogical

    When I found out about the opulent lifestyle of The Judge E.G. the Judge rode around in a 12 cylinder Caddy and his pioneers pushed horse drawn buggy's private cooks and handmaidens his separation from his wife and son and as outlined by wild_thing and that this opulence has carried on til now,

    Trump falls into insignificance he will be gone soon but the rich and famous of the WT but the personality parallels are so amazing. I really can not understand how the American people can tolerate him.

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