The wonder of scientific research

by amicabl 50 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • DJS


    I disagree 100%. You got exactly what you deserved. As others have stated, think before you speak. There is a privilege of freely coming onto the www to express your views. If you violate that privilege by posting erroneous, even dangerous, views, you will get exactly. what. you. deserve.

    As ex-dubs we have an even greater responsibility to ensure what we post is factual and evidence based. We were held hostage by a group of AOWM who played on our fears and used confirmation bias that included cherry picking data, mis-quoting data and ignoring data to keep us chained, as well as threats and fear mongering to keep us from researching ourselves.

    For the doubting dubs, the nearly ex dubs and those in pain and searching for an answer to why they do not feel at ease in this nasty cult, we owe it to them to post well researched, rational views that are devoid of our own emotionally driven, uneducated and potentially harmful views.


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