The wonder of scientific research

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  • amicabl

    This has possibly been brought up before however here goes.

    Constant reference is made by many posters to scientific research as being the only way to prove something factual that would otherwise have to be taken on faith. There actually seems to be "faith" in scientific findings.

    My experience over many years is that most scientific research is fake. Nothing oftencomes of the big announcements made to raise more money.

    money, prestige, pride, human error, suppositions etc., are rife amongst the scientific community.

    I realise that there have been many advances over hundreds of years but humankind is in a mess, although very different to even a century ago.

    The medical profession now has vaccinations for everything, antiviral drugs etc. Amazing heart and cancer operations for illnesses that were practically unknown in the 1800s.

    Maybe I am just ranting about nothing but I do read all the time that scientific research does or does not support this or that in the Bible or beliefs or whatever.

    If I get no response to this I wouldn't be in the least surprised!

  • punkofnice

    I feel your pain. I admit, I really don't know what to believe anymore.

    After being fooled for over 50 years by the filthy, disgusting, vile corrupt washtowel corporation, I don't believe anything anyone tells me hardly.

    This is the damage that evil cult inflicts upon its victims.

  • cofty

    The scientific method has transformed our world for the better.

    The problem that you seen to be having is a common one. Most people are scientifically illiterate and easily misled by attention grabbing headlines in the popular press and on the Web.

    Science is a brutal self-correcting environment. Understanding it takes a lot of attention and effort which most people don't want to invest. You can find a "scientist" who will support any daft idea you can think of. Assessing whether his or her statements are worth anything is a different matter.

  • shepherdless

    Nobody should have “faith” in science. When properly carried out, it is based on logic, evidence and observation.

    A lot of the problem is that there are many goods and services marketed with “sciencey” sounding words and phrases. There are a lot of people selling alternative medicines, alternative treatments, dietary supplements, vitamins, cosmetics etc using these “sciencey” sounding jargon.

    For a lot of those items, the manufacturers have never produced proper double-blind tests to demonstrate any actual benefits.

    And then 5, 10 or 15 years later, someone does some proper research and shows that those vitamins, antioxidants, omega3 oils, skin moisturisers, or whatever, were of no benefit, and possibly harmful, etc. It undermines the average joe’s trust in science, even though there was never any proper science associated with the product to start with.

    500 hundred years ago, witches etc might have sold their useless concoctions with impressive sounding oral witchcraft spells. Now the same witches market all their food supplements and cosmetics with “sciencey” sounding phrases.

  • waton

    amicable , You are not talking about scientific research, pure and simple, but about the human side of it. That is like the wt illustration in the wt's "--bible teach" book which denies that a pupil can improve of the understanding of an aged math teacher.

    Look how far we have come from the time that our common ancestors were swinging in the trees.

    Exploring at the limits of our confined world, can only improve our understanding of any possible beyond:-- in time, energy, laws and dimensions. Revealed religion has not even come close, still stuck in thousand year old myths, fables and stories or their variants.

    Remove all application of scientific research from your life, and see where you would be. dont let the Pilt downs get you down.

  • truth_b_known

    I like science as it tends to me more honest. Science is more likely to say "I don't know." Science is also honest in that it's theories, though based on what is observed, may change by future observations. It can be flawed and has no problem admitting when it is wrong.

    The bigger problem is that scientists are, like everyone else, driven by money. Research needs funding. Those with money are often only willing to fund projects based on a desired result.

    Most of the scientific achievements of the 20th century were a direct result of military funding. In 1969 the United States put the first man on the moon. This wasn't done purely for scientific research. The military wanted to put nuclear weapons launching facilities on the moon.

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    Another cult with profits far greater than those of the JW's, the vitamins and supplements company. I have a relative who did not have enough with one cult. She belongs to two cults: watchtower and the other is m'lis (a Utah Co). Like all cults, they provide a little benefit, but the cost is way too high.

  • waton
    "...Most of the scientific achievements of the 20th century were a direct result of military funding...." truth be known

    tbn: but that is not the fault of science or scientists. Mankind is fighting the wrong war. it should be attacking, eradicating ignorance.

    Von Braun would have been happier, and we all, had he been generously funded by a global "Manhattan" project (separated by the East River from Brooklyn).

    We might in the process have developed a chemical shield that stops cancer, and allows us to travel to Mars sane and hale.

    Science allows us to ask better and better questions. the answers are cream on the pudding.

  • truth_b_known




    What this guy said.

  • Betheliesalot

    Interesting Amicabl to bring up this topic and today on the news is the publication of a 8 year study by a Dr Sam Parnia called The Aware Study about Near Death Experiences. I pasted just two of many news stories released today, and kind of hope they are true, but remain skeptical from all the past studies that promote just one side of this story.

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