The wonder of scientific research

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I do know one thing if it wasn't for scientific research and the skills of trained doctors my back surgery would not have been possible. I forgot to say Robby the Robot would not have been developed if it was not for scientific research. He was the one that perfectly but the screws to me during my surgery. Still Totally ADD

  • Annon

    Having looked at my last post on this thread I think one of man's greatest inventions is the spelling/grammar checker, and I really need to use one :-)

  • venus

    Money rules every aspect of our life--including scientific research

  • waton

    Venus, some the most seminal breakthroughs in scientific understanding were done by an impoverished patent clerk in Switzerland. "Gedankenexperimente" thoughts are free, priceless.

    Why science is so expensive is the same as medical cost. It takes a long time of hard study to learn all that has been achieved by our fore bearers.

  • amicabl

    It is large Monsanto style businesses that beg government for cash when they don't need it. That sell overpriced and extremely harmful products such as "you can bathe in it" glyphosate. There are hundreds of major chemical companies creating trash food, medicines that are little more than poison. Petrochemical products for us to wash with, perfumes, deodorants. I could literally go on forever with this.

    three years ago I had CABG open heart surgery without blood. I was in hospital for 24 days mostly because they couldn't find a suitable blood thinner for me. Really? I was constantly visited by a young smiling female oncologist who was obviously aware of my previous medical history and wanted to "follow up" on a previous refusal for a prostate test.

    This is all about money. This is modern day science.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    "I was in hospital for 24 days mostly because they couldn't find a suitable blood thinner for me. Really?" - amicabl

    Blood clots to the brain are super cool; they should have let you out early.

    And who needs prostate exams? It's all just hyped up nonsense to make money for those scheming doctors.

    JWs often argue that science education isn't necessary because "who do you know that makes use of their science education in their everyday jobs".

    I think amecabl is a good example of why science education is important.

  • cofty
    This is all about money. This is modern day science

    Says the man who owes his life to the skill of a heart surgeon who even accommodated his superstitious fear of blood.

  • TD
    This is modern day science

    That's an interesting and very nearly contradictory turn of phrase don't you think?

    The colloquialism, "modern day" is a validation of science and the scientific method in and of itself, given the fact that it is an explicit reference to the uniqueness of our era in comparison to previous centuries

    Back when "science" meant an appeal to the Pope, one generation was pretty much like the next in terms of how people lived and died, so the contrast simply wasn't there to describe.

    It's not that I don't understand what you're saying though. Humans can be corrupted by greed and therefore any human endeavor can be compromised as a result. That doesn't invalidate the principles of science anymore than it invalidates the principles of religion.

  • amicabl

    I don't really want to continue this as it seems too divisive a subject but I had to condense my thoughts when I was writing and my comments seemed simple or even flippant.

    I do appreciate a lot of what medical research has done and I am now alive because of an amazing operation that has enabled me to get back outside labouring on my property, even if it is for only 3 to five hours a day, but then I am 69. I don't take statins or aspirin because of the side effects.

    120 years ago heart problems were practically Unknown. The general consensus is the food we eat is one of the main causes of the problem. The massive increase in morbid obesity is directly linked to poor diet, again a product of the chemical companies.

    Just about any product we now use comes from scientific research and eventually it seems in my lifetime that massive health problems arrise from many items that are still in use for example Teflon in cookware which I can remember on TV as far back as the fifties.

    I can remember my father retiring at 57 with angina and drastically changing his diet with the help of a naturopath, regaining his health and living pain free to 75.

    we all have to make our own path in life and I don't want to engage in back and forth argument. Anyone who read that comment from David Jay's friend on other threads would I think appreciate what was said. We are all suffering I think some sort of PTSD from cult involvement and I wish everyone well here. I appreciate all the comments made following my original post and I hope I haven' offended anyone.

  • waton

    amicable, well said. It is really sad to see potentially attractive people becoming obese never living the lives they could have had, and the responsibility has to laid at the door of those that desire and provide easy profitable food production via chemicals.

    Even the population pressures we see developing are the result of curing the world's disease and nutrition problems (done for benevolent motives), without also instituting reproduction control, that can be done. look at the one child policies.

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