Personal thoughts and evaluations upon the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization

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  • Finkelstein

    From my own personal feelings about the JWS when I was involved and I was brought up in the is religious practice from birth, was one of feeling of being lied to, exploited and manipulated to a certain extent. Reflectively though I could see some wholesome social behavior direction being propagated not surprising nevertheless since this faith is based from Christianity at its core.

    Where and how the WTS/JWS got bit corrupted I believe is that this organization has always had a publishing house and its core operation and supporting finances were mostly from that endeavoring operation. This also included creating doctrines which were to support and enhance the proliferation of those published works.

    One thing that always found bothersome is that when one gets baptized in this faith you have to make a vow of acceptance and devotion to the directors of this organization, namely the GB (FDSL) . Something that was obviously not done in biblical times.

    Preaching the Gospel in the descriptive version of JWS was perceived by myself as doing so with a sort of tainted commercialization, which eventually brought my own lets say spirituality (belief) down to such a low level I couldn't stand it anymore, so I left a bit bewildered and a bit confused.

    Its just too bad that this organization had so much attachment and adherence to that dam publishing house, I'm sure there would be more practicing JWS in the world today and the organization itself might look quite a bit different without it.

    Much of the controlling mechanism within this organization is about designing people into being their own public sales representatives to the Watchtower Corporation. Everything being taught by those WTS executive leaders is theocratic doctrine and then presented and labelled as being spirituality directed by god himself as it were. From there is where the trouble and perhaps indulgent corruption is centralized and shows itself time and time again.

    Any personal musing about this organization ?

  • eyeuse2badub

    Much of the controlling mechanism within this organization is about designing people into being their own public sales representatives to the Watchtower Corporation.

    Exactly! Service meetings were nothing more than sales meetings. Practicing our canned 'presentations' was practicing our 'sales pitch'.

    Selling the religion without selling the publications ain't working any more.

    The creating of 'odd' doctrines was a good strategy for selling more publications.

    just saying!


  • Alive!


    That was very well expressed - so true.

    Below is exactly how I felt.

    Preaching the Gospel in the descriptive version of JWS was perceived by myself as doing so with a sort of tainted commercialization, which eventually brought my own lets say spirituality (belief) down to such a low level I couldn't stand it anymore, so I left a bit bewildered and a bit confused.

  • Alive!

    And as you said Finkel...surely, one of the most profoundly disturbing issues is the vow to the org.

    It's absolutely not biblical and is one big red flag.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    The ''vow'' to the Borg is a billion-year contract to them. Anyone getting baptized into the Borg doesn't really think this through. Especially, anyone under the age of 18.
  • Alive!

    I can't quite believe that a young intelligent 'me' accepted the terms of this 'vow'.

    Along with the 607 to 1914 'prophetic' magic and so, so much more -I remember the big build up to the study where we'd work through the equation - I was told with a twinkle in their eyes that I'd be blown away.

    I was absolutely convinced this was the truth.

    Around that time, several other converts came through from respectable backgrounds, with degrees and well positioned lives in careers, life etc.

    I was prepared to take the good with the bad, not expecting the people to be perfect - but, given the non- negotiable teaching programme, the fact that nothing was presented as an offer for us to 'consider' but as an absolute truth at that time, only to be proven wrong - well, I don't believe a true Godly Father would teach that way to his 'special people'.

    There was no room to explore and think at our own pace - keep up with Jehovah's Chariot!

    WTBTS abused and scorned the religious leaders of Christendom for misleading their flocks.

    They should apologise for that, as they have misled their own. We were given no choice. Latest light? Gulp it down.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Interesting about the sales meetings and pitches... This is one of things which helped wake me up (the biggest thing which finally woke me up was that evil publication, My Book of Bible Stories, which I almost gave to my little grandchildren, when I suddenly and thankfully, saw those awful, nightmarish pictures through their little eyes!)

    But getting back to the sales meeting thing -- my husband and I were (very briefly) involved in an MLM and the similarities between their meetings and the JW meetings were astounding. All you had to do was change the product.

    Sales pitches, testimonials, hyped up information, exclusive special sales force people and levels.... and the whole way-of-life thinking, taking every opportunity to share your message / product with everyone you meet.... keeping records, noting personal preferences or objects of people to use as part of your sales pitch.... the big wigs at the top.... the pressure to advance and do more, more more.... The tendency to look down on outsiders for not having the same wonderful, superior experience (or product) ...

  • Finkelstein

    Well said Muddy

    Including and impart of this self supporting marketing, is the instigated evaluation of ones devotion or measure of their own spiritual strength by how much time they spend proselytizing with the WTS literature in hand..

    JWS pioneers are deemed spiritually strong as elders are, CO's and right up to the GB leaders themselves, who actually create the very doctrines that support themselves as the most strongly connected to god's holy spirit.
  • Dunedain

    There are MANY aspects to consider, when thinking perspectively about the WTS. Yes, it is true that there are Christian beleifs at its core, but it ends there. There are the many, many, doctrinal changes, and "truth" being correct at one point in time, to then be incorrect at another, or the wildly incorrect "prophesying" of dates, which have been wrong from the very beginning, until current.

    Besides all the incorrect interpretations, and flip flopping concerning doctrine, i feel the major issue with the WTS, is their "love". I NEVER felt "TRUE" love from most members of the org. Yes, there are always the warm, nice, older caring ones, and the back rubbing friendly brothers and sisters, BUT it is all conditional, most of the time. Even when ones were enquiring about others, its usually with the motive of gaining information.

    I was born in the "truth", and was there up until my very early 20's. Now that i am 40, i was basically in the "truth", and out for an equal amount of time. Perspectively, i can say that in the "truth", i have met the MOST judgemental people i have ever known. I have met some of the most back stabbing humans ever. I have met the most fakest person, i have ever known.

    There is NO true brotherhood behind the Kingdom halls doors. Everyone is gossiping, forming cliques, and running around "spying" on each other. You couldnt truly confide in anyone, as there is always the fear of being "turned in". The looming spectre of being brought to the elders, causes everyone to be fake, and superficial with each other. No real depth of caring for each other. There is no forgiveing each other, and taking the good with the bad, like true familys and friends do. I may argue with my wife in the morning, but 5 minutes later, we still know we LOVE each other, and have each others backs. My sibling may say something to annoy me today, but tomorow, if she needs me, I am there for her.

    This does NOT exist in the ORG. Everyones "love", is conditional on outward appearences, that are dictated by the WTS's rules of what makes someone "worthy". You could be a REAL, TRUE friend, and the most kind hearted human being, but if you only put in 1 hour of field service each month, then you are shit in their eyes. This is NOT true Christianity. It does NOT exist there. There is NO love there. It is ONLY, obey and stay. Thats it, nothing else.

    I picked up this "vibe" from an early age. I could tell that these people WERE fake, and it never sat right with me. As i got older, into my teenage years, i found it harder and harder to be "like" them. I could not act "fake", like them. I saw thru the bullshit, and it caused me to draw further and further away from them. If that meant that i looked "unworthy" in their eyes, then that WAS FINE. I do NOT want to seem "worthy" by THEM, because their standards of worth, are HORRIBLE.

    I am a REAL, and genuine human being. I have empathy, love, and a heart of kindness. I only keep friends with humans who hold these same values. My family, and extended family, love each other, and support each other, truly. This is why i am NOT a JW anymore.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Yeah!!!! That's it!! It's the Borg's whole idea of love, and how lacking it is. Just emptiness, hollow feeling so hard to describe.

    When you're trying to fade, those sudden drop by visits of two elders. Probably trying to get you to admit something so they can form a JC, to oust you. And if you aren't seen at the KH for sometime, people just treat you like $shit.

    Their concept of their so called ''love'' seems so superficial and hollow if you ask me.

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