Lloyd Evans Patreoff Pool - November 2023

by DerekMoors 110 Replies latest social humour

  • Simon

    Put me down for 416

  • Toblerone5


  • ozziepost

    I’ll stick with what the numerology of Chuckie Russell and Joe Ratherflawed led me to ‘faithfully and discreetly slavishly’ predict last month.

    Besides it’s gotta be right one day!

    397 for me.

    Cheers Toblerone5,

    Ozzie 🍷🍷🍷

  • Angharad

    412 for me

  • ozziepost

    Hi Angharad!


  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Things are still in flux. He’s currently at 437, only +2 from his low and -2 from earlier yesterday. The lack of content, lesser frequency and the resulting damage has yet to be fully realised. I am withholding my prediction until later.

  • Toblerone5

    Ozziepost 👍 Angharad 👍 ( Your name by the way is from the Welsh mythology, meaning much loved , sorry the definition of your name was beautiful I had to write it down 🫣...) And LMSA I put your name on the list anyway, I put a pumking beside your name ,it will be faster for my dyslexic brain to add your number later...

  • Ron.W.

    For a man who deletes even the slightest post that disagrees with him, how J.L.E must positively detest this jocular thread!!👍

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    And Derek,,,btw nice Halloween colours for this thtread.

  • DerekMoors
    nice Halloween colours for this thtread.

    All credit goes to Toblerone5. I just started the thread but I'd love to see more Halloween themed memes at the fatty's expense!

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