SuperBowl 54: US Sports vs UK Sports

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  • Diogenesister

    The Star Spangled Banner : Sung to the tune of an old English drinking song.....🤣😂

  • Under No Illusion
    Under No Illusion

    So a few things ...

    Apparently it's SuperBowl 54, and also the centennial of the sport. Erm ... I'm not a mathematician, but aren't there 46 SuperBowls missing?


    Akin to number of PL titles since FA began. There was a merge of two leagues to form the NFL, and national championships since then.

  • iwantoutnow
    Shakira shaking her butt and J-lo pole dancing is acceptable. No complaints there. Bottom wiggly-jiggly will be the highlight of the evening, alongside the "Groundhog Day" remake ad.

    Yes 2 women who made their entire career on having a great ass and showing it at every opportunity

    Listen - I am ALL about the ass, but that was a lame show.

    Transparently bad lip syncing old songs that were never that good anyway.

    Give me Bruce, Prince, Tom Petty anyday.

    FYI - Football is unwatchable to me now. Premier League and F1 are the only sports I care about anymore.

  • truth_b_known

    Its all bread and circuses.

  • BluesBrother

    it's a culture thing. Guys like me , and Simon, brought up to love marching to a cold, dilapidated Football Stadium to watch 22 men playing real football,with a round ball and without using hands.......We will never get it, and at my time of life I am not going to try.

    The beautiful game reigns supreme all around the world. England's league is in great shape. My team are doing well. Let's leave the Yanks to their commercialised incomprehensible game...they are welcome to it

  • Finkelstein

    Transparently bad lip syncing old songs that were never that good anyway

    Yeah like a lot sexed upped glamour to weak songs sold be flashing ass and tits.

    I thought for a minute Shakira was going to do some S & M with that rope ???

    It seems that's how music is sold these days, the actual song doesn't need to be that good.

  • RubaDub

    I'm not a mathematician, but aren't there 46 SuperBowls missing?

    Super Bowls only originated 54 years ago, although the league is now 100 years old this year.

    Prior to Super Bowls, there was an Championship game and that was the end of it.

    To keep this short, back in the 1960's several teams wanted to join the NFL but the NFL did not want them (some were smaller-market teams). So they created their own league, called the American Football League. After a couple of years, the NFL got pissed because the AFL began drafting some of the college players that the NFL wanted and paying them big bucks.

    So they agreed on a joint venture and draft players together and play a Championship type of game, later known as the Super Bowl, between the two leagues. The first was in 1967, although they both operated as separate leagues.

    After the AFC Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets won two Super Bowls (3 and 4), it was agreed that the leagues should merge in 1980.

    So the beginning of the Super Bowl era can still be remembered by some people here. But the NFL as a league began 100 years ago.

    [As an additional note: This is similar in some ways to what happened to the National Basketball Association (NBA) around that same time. There was an upstart league call the American Basketball Association (ABA). They too began offering big bucks to players coming out of college. One very notable one was Julius Erving, known as Dr. J. The leagues eventually merged and the NBA retained 4 of the stronger teams from the ABA].

    Rub a Dub

  • redvip2000
    Americans claim that UK sport ("soccer", aka real football) is too low scoring.

    Ehh, those noises are dissipating fast. Soccer has been a fast growing sport and continues to be in the US. I remember in the 90's, if you wanted to watch World Cup games or Euros, or even European leagues, you had to go to a bar with satellite TV, or pay per view in some cases.

    There were no soccer fields around to play, no premier league on TV, only one Italian league game on Sundays on the Italian channel.

    Now there is an avalanche of soccer and interest in it. Major networks show it, all competitions, all the major leagues. There is growing domestic leagues. Tons of soccer fields everywhere, and lots of interest from youngsters. Also tons of social leagues, where you can compete for fun. I play in one myself.

    US is large enough where you can have multiple major sports. American FB will continue to be number one for years to come, but I would not be surprised if soccer becomes top 3 soon.

  • Simon

    Yeah, MLS actually has some good players and great games now. As a sport that is more accessible without so much investment in equipment or risk of serious injury, it really does have a lot of advantages over the NFL / NHL sports and is a much larger global market.

  • Betheliesalot

    I remember the 1984 Super Bowl where they had the first halftime original pole dancer, Mickey Mouse. Quality has come a long way, but for dancers, they have come only come from mice to cats.

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