SuperBowl 54: US Sports vs UK Sports

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  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    Halftime Superbowl show....with the music changed to get a laugh..

  • Crazyguy2

    I once looked up the seasonal record of our local soccer team and half the games ended in a tie. Can’t watch such a boring game knowing half will end in a tie also doesn’t help.

    America football has so many more elements in the game then soccer. Baseball is also another sport hard to watch on tv and basketball isn’t the game it used to be.

  • RubaDub

    Can’t watch such a boring game knowing half will end in a tie also doesn’t help.

    Crazyguy2 ...

    There are some rule changes in soccer (football) that would make the game MUCH more interesting. I could think of about 10. A few would include:

    - Allow substitutions and keep fresh guys running around instead of tired ones standing around trying to catch their breath.

    - Ball goes out of bounds, the clock stops. None of this delaying the game and holding the ball when you are ahead. The clock doesn't start until the ball is thrown in and touched by someone.

    - When a guy gets injured (or more likely fakes an injury) the clock stops.

    - After a shot on goal, the goalie has 10 seconds to put the ball in play. Hold it longer, and there will be a corner kick.

    - The game clock is the real clock, as in any other sport I know of. None of this "extra time" with the referee pulling minutes out of his ass which interestingly are always full minutes.

    - Offsides. Just have three lines as in ice hockey. No "moving" offsides where about a third of the time, after watching the replay, the call is wrong. Just have a line on each side where the ball has to pass before the offensive player while a referee is standing on each side line watching. It's that simple.

    - No kicking the ball back to your own goalie unless he comes out of the box. Do that, and the other team gets a free kick or corner kick.

    - No kicking the ball back the length of the field when under pressure by the other team. In hockey this is a penalty called "Icing". In soccer, it would be a corner kick for the other team.

    I have several more but I know my thoughts will already be criticized by the purists here.

    Rub a Dub

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    I think Americans would like Soccer (Football) more if it was more like Hockey on field, faster pace game.

  • Simon

    That's field hockey / shinty

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