In the past we taught it, but now we teach other thing....

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  • sir82

    I can hear the eyes of JWs worldwide glazing over already.

    After all the flip-flops on the "generation" and excruciatingly boring & trivial minutiae on stuff like "parable of the fish & the dragnet", quite frankly, 99% of JWs simply no longer care what is printed.

    "Just gimme my seaside mansion with a mountain view & my pet panda in paradise - you can print whatever you like."

  • WingCommander
    I've been saying this for a while now, and I see some other posters are now as well. Who really gives a crap about this useless nonsense? About dates from 100 years ago, (or thousands, such as 587, 539, etc). How does that affect modern man today? It doesn't. It's completely irrelevant. It's mental mind-games and busywork being turned out by manipulative CULT. This is where mainstream Christianity overwhelms the WT Borg. Christendom doesn't keep harping on this old crap, they focus on things from the Bible, and Jesus' words that can actually help you in your day-to-day life, every day. Like doing onto others, showing forgiveness, showing love, not being judgmental, etc. These day-to-day concepts from Jesus are completely lost on the JW Pharisees. Charity? What's that? No one in JW-Land has a CLUE. I was raised in this mess, and I know I sure didn't. WT Borg is beating a dead horse, and the younger "generation", doesn't give one flying fart, they are leaving in droves, and taking their wallets with them!!!
  • punkofnice
    That captivity began sometime in the second century C.E. and continued until the cleansing of the spiritual temple in the time of the end.

    Oh, they are kidding aren't they? The 'time of the end(tm)'. Why did I ever believe such turgid dog's mess?

    .............and they call us 'mentally diseased(tm)'!!

  • Finkelstein

    Both Russell and Rutherford proclaimed themselves as chosen ones transcending spiritual light for all mankind, through god's holy spirit.

    Part of that self imposing identity was to demean all other Christian based faiths as they had all gone astray from true worship and adherence to what the bible says.

    Yet in 1918 / 1919 they were still propagating the theology of Pyramidology.

    In truthful reality they were just amateur bible theologians peddling their own printed publications, cultivating and setting dates to allure attention to those publications.

  • Finkelstein

    What the article in the Watchtower Study Edition of March 2016 is implying that spiritual light still transcends from us in spite the WTS being so positioned in false teachings, they are slowly coming out of that darkness.

    The GB members of the WTS are its self supporting propagandists, its essentially their enacting job.

    In reality its about white washing over the doctrines that were obviously false doctrines. commercially appealing yes but false nevertheless ie. 1914

    The WTS. wont acknowledge that they were devised to attract attention to the literature the WTS published , that would be too truthful in intent.

    The WTS is still holding to the position that Christendom namely Catholicism is Babylon the Great ( false religion )

    They on the other hand self identify themselves as true worshipers, untainted by false doctrines.

  • bennyk

    This does raise a question or two...

    What did those unidentified second century Christians do that resulted in their being taken captive to Babylon?

    Why would someone conclude that true Christians were released from the captivity in A.D. 1919? If the Spiritual Temple were cleansed in 1919, why did the Society immediately publish the false prophecies found in Millions Now Living Will Never Die! (1920)?

    (Also: What was faith-strengthening about the book The Finished Mystery? I've read it -- and found it extremely silly.)

  • RubaDub

    Obviously, he did not literally see all the kingdoms; there is no literal mountain from which all of them can be seen. So Satan may have used some sort of vision to show these to Jesus ...

    I think the Devil would have had a better chance convincing Jesus if the vision of "all the kingdoms" did not include Cleveland and Detroit.

    Rub a Dub

  • Finkelstein

    What did those unidentified second century Christians do that resulted in their being taken captive to Babylon?

    By the WTS postulations Christensen ( Catholicism ) symbolically placed itself with Babylon by immersing itself with pagan traditions in worship and in practice..

    Ironically while the WTS was saying that about Christendom, it was propagating paganism by promoting and teaching Pyramidology.

  • LisaRose
    For a number of years, we explained that this captivity began in 1918...The Christian congregation, in effect, was held
    captive by Babylon the Great. That captivity began sometime in the second century C.E. and continued until the cleansing of the spiritual temple in the time of the end...

    So they have exchanged one ridiculous teaching for another ridiculous teaching, it's not new light but new dim. The keep trying to make events that happened in 1914-1918 somehow important and a fulfillment of bible prophecy, when there is really no evidence of any of it. They claim God looked down on the earth and approved of the international bible students, because they were the only group teaching truth, but they hardly teach anything now that was a doctrine back then, so what was so impressive about them as opposed to any other religion? At least most mainstream religions didn't make ridiculous and failed date predictions.

    They based the 1914 date on an incorrect date for the fall of Jerusalem, so the only thing impressive about it was their luck that world war I started in that year. Nothing they actually predicted to happen actually did. They also still taught many things they now condemn, like Christmas and birthdays.

  • Dunedain

    To everyone here, which has been mirroring my thoughts as well, and saying "who cares" about all this "nonsense". We all have to remember, that the reason for all this BS, is to keep the rank and file distracted just enough, so that they dont see the "men behind the curtain".

    With all the HEAVY crap thats going down, from law suits, the questioning of doctrine like generation changes, the apparant lack of money, child abuse issues, and the Australian royal commision, to just mention a few, they NEED to "distract" the sheeple.

    Throwing out, an occasional, "new light" adjustment, is just them distracting, and trying to maintain an "air" of importance. Like they are, somehow , on the "pulse" of Jehovahs "spirit", and being "directed". In reality, however, it is all trivial, nonsense, and complete rubbish. Its like a pediatrician, "distracting" a baby with a teddy bear, as he sticks a needle in the babies ass. Its all "smoke and mirrors", and the WTS are PROS at it. They have been doing it for over 100 years now.

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