In the past we taught it, but now we teach other thing....

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  • opusdei1972

    I have been reading the Watchtower Study Edition of March 2016. Here some deceptive statements so as to justify their new lights:

    When were God’s people held captive by Babylon the Great?

    That spiritual captivity lasted from the second century C.E. to 1919. Why is this adjusted view warranted?......For a number of years, we explained that this captivity began in 1918...The Christian congregation, in effect, was held
    captive by Babylon the Great. That captivity began sometime in the second century C.E. and continued until the cleansing of the spiritual temple in the time of the end.....Zion’s Watch Tower and other publications helped honesthearted ones to discover spiritual truths. Later, such tools as the “Photo-Drama of Creation” in 1914 and the book The Finished Mystery in 1917 also strengthened God’s people.


    Did Satan physically take Jesus to the temple when tempting him?

    Put simply, we cannot be certain whether Jesus actually stood in the temple or he did so only by means of a vision. At times, both possibilities have been presented in our publications......What, though, of the temptation wherein Jesus
    was shown “all the kingdoms of the world”? Obviously, he did not literally see all the kingdoms; there is no literal mountain from which all of them can be seen. So Satan may have used some sort of vision to show these to Jesus, similar to the way a projector and a screen can be used to show someone pictures of various places on earth......The fact is, as stated at the outset, we cannot be dogmatic about this matter. Hence, we cannot rule out the possibility that Jesus actually went to Jerusalem and stood on the battlement of the temple. But one thing we can be sure about is that these temptations were real and that Jesus gave a conclusive answer to the Devil in each case.


    In other words, in the first new light the GB dropped its old stupid light on the 1918-1919 captivity, in which Rutherford was imprisioned. In the second new light, they are trying to avoid to admit that that NT passage reveals that those Christian scribes believed in a flat earth.

  • JWdaughter

    Never heard the flat earth as a reason for that one. . . I do like how NOW they pat themselves on the back for not being dogmatic (LOL). 1918/1919 . . . well, that bit was pretty self serving and allowed them to keep their date while changing its meaning by 180 degrees! They literally turned it upside down! They are kinda sneaky that way, eh? They did the same thing when Jesus return in 1914 wasn't visible. . . when everyone had forgotten that he was already invisibly present before 1914 (from an earlier no show where he was declared invisibly returned), he suddenly got invisible and present (newly) in 1914. That Jesus had all kinds of trick up his sleeve!

    Talk about being doomed to repeat history.

  • Khaleesi

    I wonder if now them saying they were in "Babylon Captivity" from 2 century till 1919 they are moving away from Russells books, publications & teachings? Meaning they don't count since they were in Captivity & therefore not important because they were liberated in 1919 by an invisible Jesus.... it seems they know they can't run away from the fact that many are awakening by discovering TTATT & are changing the dates of "captivity"???


    In the past we taught it, but now we teach other thing...


  • never a jw
    never a jw
    The Bible was put together and called the Word of God during the spiritual captivity (second to fourth century C.E.). So the Bible is the work of apostates,or Satan himself.
  • prologos

    What about the end to the antitype/ second fulfillment applications of the bible? how about the fact that the foundation of much wt theology (Daniel's prophecies), eating grass, banded tree and all were written during the captivity in Babylon?

  • RichardHaley
    So if God's people were in captivity from the 2nd century until 1919 who were they? They have given up trying to identify any anointed during that time. I mean, if they don't know who they were than how do they know they were in captivity?
  • opusdei1972
    Yes, if that were the case, the canon of the New Testament was decided after the fourth century, so, after the beginning of this supposed babylonian captivity. How will they explain this fact ?
  • Room 215
    Room 215
    Is there ever any end to their pointless B.S.?
  • Darkknight757

    Is there ever any end to their pointless B.S.?

    My feelings exactly. Who really gives a crap about this useless nonsense? I mean what does it really matter if Jesus saw all the kingdoms or if Satan took him out to lunch beforehand? It's just a fable anyways so how does this affect anyone today?

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