So, 60 Years Ago

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  • titch

    Sarahsmile: I was then associated with a congregation----a "congo"--- in Costa Mesa, not far away from Westminster. But, I did not attend the assembly in San Francisco, just Pasadena. And, Tenyearsafter, you could very well be correct about the assembly being a 7-day assembly. Either day, 7 days or 8 days was "brutal." (The next assembly that was long, that I can remember, was the 1969 "Peace On Earth" Assembly, held in Dodger Stadium. Looking back in retrospect, I have to ask myself, What was the point of it all? At this old of 69, I could have the number of days wrong. Oh well. Best Regards, Everyone.....Titch.

  • fastJehu

    In Germany the convention was 1963 in Munich.

    The place, where now is the Oktober-Fest.

    I was 3 years old and can't remember anything from this convention.

  • careful

    This was a very enjoyable and educational thread to read through. Many thanks to the "old timers" here who participated in sharing their experiences and impressions, now 60 yeas later. I see some you sort of came out of the woodwork for this—much appreciated!

    The memoirs made me laugh again and again. Cheers to all who contributed.

  • Neptune

    Hello I’m new here, first post. This caught my attention because I do remember being at that assembly I was 11 years old and my family (mom and 4 siblings) went to all 7 days. We drove 60 miles round trip every day! We also had 2 other families staying at our house who had traveled 100’s of miles to stay with us and attend the assembly. It was horrible! The weather, hot, windy, dusty, and rainy! The crowds, the travel and the food, yuck! We brought our food every day!

    I do remember seeing the people in their traditional costumes, quite colorful and unique.

    I also remember having blood poisoning from a stingray bite on my foot l got at Huntington Beach the day before the assembly. I got really sick and missed the last 2 days of the assembly, yay me! I stayed home with my “unbelieving” Dad who took good care of me. The rest of the fam-dam went along with all the other people who were staying with us. I felt lucky to be able to stay home!

    I grew up in SoCal, went to the assemblies at Dodger Stadium, San Diego and San Francisco oh and Long Beach.

    And I am writing this in amazement that some how it seemed normal at that time to do that. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that now! And it’s not just because I am old but it’s because I’m smarter. I left the JW’s over 20 years ago and have never looked back. So glad to be out of the cult!

  • Dagney

    I see a Westminster and Costa Mesa mentioned. I was a teen in Cypress. Looks like we’re about the same age. Maybe our paths crossed at any of the ice skating rings every Sunday night or local gatherings.

  • titch

    Dagney: Interesting that you mention ice rinks. Years ago, I WAS involved in the recreation of ice skating. It was merely a recreational thing with me, and that is all. It was never a competition with me. I started skating in 1977, and kept at it until January of 2000. I had skated at an ice rink in Anaheim, and that day,after skating, I just never returned to it. I guess that I had just lost interest in it; I don't know why, but I just "chalk it up:" to getting older. Oh well, such is life. My figure skates are still in a tote bag here at my residence, and my original figure skates are still in a tote bag in my bedroom. But, they served their purpose quite well over the years. So, yeah, perhaps our paths DID cross at a local ice rink here in SoCal. Best Regards....Titch.

  • dogisgod

    Oh boy I remember this assembly. My mom became a jw when I was born (I think she had post partum depression really bad). We lived in So Cal when she came in (studied the Let God Be Found True book). We went to the San Pedro Congregation. It was in an old movie theatre that had a ticket box at the entrance. Wed have to clean constantly as Drunks would piss on the entrance walls.

    We lived in Seattle. I was almost 12. My mother and I drove from Seattle to LA in my dads 60 VW. Stayed in a motel with a pool (my salvation).

    What I remember was being so tired, bored and HOT. The Rose Bowl was in a dip or low site and there was no breeze and it seemed like no oxygen. I remember fainting standing in line for lunch. I remember sitting and literally baking in the stands. Envious of people with umbrellas. Mother and I worked one day in the SnoCone dept. Mother was passing out the grape flavor so fast (People were dying of heat so everyone wanted one) she accidentally let the sno cone fly and hit the brothers white shirt and stained it with grape. I thought he was going to knock her block off. There were a billion yellowjackets there for the grape flavor. I believe we had that old green songbook and there was an orchestra and a choir. The book was written in 4 part harmony. I could NEVER understand one word from the speakers because the reverb was so bad. Yes. That Babylon Book. I stilll think whoever wrote it was on acid. The book study….the accompanying question book. Pure torture. My mom had a sister friend…she was called by her last name Casey. She had died from throat cancer. She had a boatload of kids. She reminded me of a younger Ma Kettle. Her youngest one was a boy named Sherman. Mother decided she would adopt him. Same age as me. He was a real Eddy Haskell. At school he was foul mouthed and a bully. Quite frankly I was scared of him. At the meetings he would stand at the door and welcome people…”Hello Brother…Hello Sister.” And shake hands. We NEVER did that. I got my mom and said go look at what Sherman is doing. She hauled him outside and had a chat. One night she told him to go to bed. He refused and my other brother put him over his shoulder and was carrying him upstairs. He was screaming dirty words and when Steve put him down Sherman said,”if you ever try that again Ill blow a hole in your stomach big enough to stick your head thru.” He was on a bus to So Cal the next day. Whew!

    Thank god our hotel room had an old air conditioner. I think we were exhausted for a month after that.

    I remember Billy Graham had a convention at the same time and the front page of the newspapers would print which group had the most attendees. Some one said Grahams people just added the next day count to the first day. To make it look like they Had bigger crowds.

    Everyday went from like 9am to 9pm. It was gross, crowded, i couldn’t understand the speakers and it was torture. 8 days.

  • titch

    Dogisgod: Wow, you really do bring back some "pleasant" memories of that event! Thinking back, I do believe that there was another publication that was released at that assembly, that being "All Scripture Is Inspired Of God", which was a blue-covered book. Anyone else remember that happening? Let us know. Best Regards, Everyone---Titch.

  • dogisgod
    Twitch……that blue book. I remember that book from the ministry school. We would study it over and over again. It actually made you study the literal bible from genesis to revelation. The only meeting my mother would stay home from was the written review. Loved those nights. Thanks for the memory stimulus.
  • NotFormer

    "I remember Billy Graham had a convention at the same time and the front page of the newspapers would print which group had the most attendees. Some one said Grahams people just added the next day count to the first day. To make it look like they Had bigger crowds."

    Oh, Billy would have had the bigger crowds. It was never the same people attending every day, so the unique visitor number would have been higher.

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