So, 60 Years Ago

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  • titch

    So, Folks, 60 years ago, starting on September 1st, I believe, we, local Witnesses in Southern California, had the "privilege" of attending the "Around The World Assembly", at, of all places, The Rose Bowl, in Pasadena. (I think that it was an 8-day assembly) I was 9 years old then, almost ready to start 4th Grade. So, was anyone else, on this site, at that assembly? Just curious. I still remember the special stadium chairs that we used, to make sitting there just a little bit more comfortable. Otherwise, if you did NOT have them, you had to sit on the stiff, concrete benches of The Rose Bowl. So, does anyone else remember having that fun of attending the Around The World Assembly, back in 1963? I do believe that two publications were released at that assembly---"Babylon The Great Has Fallen, God's Kingdom Rules" , and "All Scripture Is Inspired Of God." Best Regards, Everyone......Titch.

  • jwleaks

    Most interesting. Thanks ‘titch’. I was not there but am currently researching the history of the Californian JWs, aka IBSA, at this point in time. Maybe one day we can ‘touch base’ on this time period.

  • NotFormer

    That would have been very much under the shadow of the approach of 1975. What was the atmosphere like? How did 9 year old you feel about the whole experience?

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    I was there. Worked in concession stand dishing out 1/2 cantaloupe filled with vanilla ice cream. Working was the high light of conventions as you did not have to sit in your seat continually. We had to sleep behind a base ball diamond in Tahunga Canyon because the family we were to stay with grand father was a literal soap box preacher in a park and was disfellowshipped. Most remember this as the convention where Knorr closing comments lasted 2 1/2 hrs, making the buss loading a fiasco.

    We moved to Weaverville Ca. so I missed the first two weeks of my junior year in a new school. I never caught up in algebra missing those two weeks.

    The 1975 issue did not start until the 1966 Candle Stick Park convention If I remember right. It had a slow start if I remember right. The "Truth book" was the big issue.

  • DNCall

    I was there. I was twelve years old and played in the orchestra that was led by my father. The legend that was circulated that on the second or third day of the 8-day convention, food service was going to be shut down by the heath department due to dust blowing into the large food vats. I believe it was the night of the third day that it poured rain and rained throughout the next day. Of course this was attributed to Jehovah's opening up the floodgates of heaven so that the dust was abated and the convention could go on.

    It was extremely hot and unlike Southern California in the summer, quite humid. People were fainting in large numbers. It got to the point where there wasn't enough water to revive those who were passing out so they had to resort to splashing soft drinks on the victims.

    After the program had ended, I accompanied my father to the administration trailer as he submitted his department-head report. Just then Knorr walked in after his marathon closing talk and prayer and said to everyone, "So, are you going to fire me?" Everyone thought that was pretty funny.

    This was the wrap-up of a worldwide staging of conventions that had been going on for most of 1963, so a huge event in Witness-land. The level of personal effort of all who attended and participated dwarfs any efforts that are expended at conventions today. This contrast serves as but one example of how the organization has deteriorated.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Yes, I was at Twickenham, England and the Velodromo Vigoralle in Milan, Italy. I was 15 and it was an amazing immersive experience. Looking back it was cult conditioning central and it worked. I remember thinking that the world outside was just a faded reality and the life amongst all these people was the real thing. I remember thinkingt "this is wonderful" but had nagging doubts "but is it true?" I decided to swallow the doubt, aaaggggh.

    The infamous "Babylon" book was released, a source of torment for years after.

    Personally, I was 15 and there were more girls around than I had ever seen so I was in a hormone bubble of youthful temptation and repression not helped by a journey across Europe staying with at least one family with a lovely daughter before being whisked onwards.

    The experiences to a young mind were rich and forming. The people, especially in Italy were amazing. The emotional impact vey real without apparent hypocrisy.

    Little wonder that it set me back years in allowing the unanswered questions to reemerge. All that glitters is not gold.

  • BluesBrother

    Was it Really 60 years ago? Time flies..

    I must have been 15 years old attending Twickenham, London. I do remember the Babylon book coming out . If my memory is correct Fred Frank did the talk and released it. Older bros. Saw it as new light but I did not know the former teaching anyway. Fred lost me after a while, I could not keep up with his speaking....

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    yep--twickers...i was 15. slept in a pile of straw in a tent full of other teenage lads. i remember .the thick red book. No idea what it was about

  • greenhornet

    I was in Yankee stadium. I remember the Babylon book, did that book had another small paper back book that was a Question book?

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I remember the old Babylon book well.

    I actually managed to place a copy one Sunday morning. I went back the following week and guess what, the guy had not read it! I never did return after that, I wonder how far he got with it.

    We studied it at the group, I was the Group Study Servant and found it so difficult to make it interesting. As stated above, there was a question booklet but we had to make up our own review questions for the end of the study. My old dad used to copy my review questions for his group!


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