Elder harassed my mom and asked for donation

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  • Magnum
    Sorry this happened to your mother, but I'm glad that some JWs are seeing stuff like that. Maybe it will help them wake up.
  • Vidiot

    Laid up, recovering from surgery, and in pain...


    ...but because of all that, she's "spiritually weak", and lax in her support.

  • ShirleyW
    Kaik, what is your status with the JWs, if you're totally out then you can call that elder and curse him out for the way he treated your mother who's just out the hospital, he deserves it !! If you're doing a slow fade then I guess you wouldn't want to totally do that, but you can still give him a piece of your mind regarding how he treated your mom.
  • kaik

    ShirleyW, I am totally out. Problem is that I live in another country and I can do so much over the distance. However, entire my family is in WT cult, my siblings, cousins, my mom's relatives (three-four generations), and now my niece is studying to become JW. So, it is hard to be critical to WT in front of them, and my mom is worried to lose connection with extensive family. One of my cousin shun her -his own aunt- probably because of me.

    I know my mom donates a money to WT all the time, somewhere between $5 to $20 per week. Since she is not attending KH due complication after surgery (hip and knee), she is not donating anything. However, she is going through rehab right now to get better. Many people in her KH thinks she is well off because of me. Last summer elderette told her that she is cheap, because she is not donating enough.

    I only find out that she was pissed off from my niece, and when I inquired she told me what happened. The elder came for donation (and report card on hours studied) and cared less about her physical well-being. While Czech Republic has universal healthcare, it does not cover everything, and outpatient care and rehab is paid upfront by cash, including shots which cost well several hundreds dollars per course of treatment. So when she told the elder that she does not have money to give him at that moment; he said that she had very weak faith to Jah, which started the argument. He went to complain to my sister who lives about one hour away.

    In last email from her, she told met that people at the apex of the WT organization are not much better than medieval bishops and royalty who lived from work of others. Like in medieval times, royalty traveled from castle to castle to feed off from local population; the overseer is living off by visiting one congregation after another. Also she refuses cooking out for his wife. Once they prepared meal for her, my mom is excellent baker and wife complained that women at her KH did not provided tasty meal. The KH paid them meals and dinners in the most expensive restaurants in the city where only business elite go. So from the point onward, she is does not want to do anything with snobby wife.

    I will talk to my family over the weekend, so I will post more.

  • kaik

    JWDaugher, it is pointless to write anything because elder will deny it, and I was not there to back it up.

    Makemeunbeliever, and avatar has do to with my mom how?

    Lovesjehovah, so elder come out of the way to see my mom and ask her for donation just on his own initiative? Right!

    Stuckinarut2, problem is that she does not want to see TATT. She is too old and it will kill her social life, and I am not sure if she would be denied an access to her grandchildren from my other siblings. I think she knows WT is lie, but in her age (she is 79), it really does not matter to her anymore.

    Irish Dame, thanks, Hope all is good with your mom now. Nobody expected that my mom would pick infection in hospital and she allergic to most of antibiotics.

  • Sabin
    Yes I agree with steve2, these men are arseholes, it's not imperfection they do deliberately. & you know what else, I think that a lot of them pocket the money themselves. Infact I know they bloody do, & whats more they will DF the person who finds out & speaks up. &&&&&& ones at bethel have been known to pocket what they don't deserve, writing down that they were doing SP hours to get the allowance when they weren't. I tell you the cock suckers are a bunch of liars.
  • brandnew

    Kick his ass kaik 😠

    And then........kick his ass again.😬

  • OnTheWayOut

    They are supposed to be different from "Christendom" and remain anonymous with donations. I would have said, "Do you have any idea how much I had sent to the Kingdom Hall in donations through people who really encourage me while I am recovering?"

    That or "Did you bring your credit card machine with you?" If he happened to have one, tell him to shove it.....

  • Vidiot
    Assholes thrive in authoritarian environments.
  • Oubliette
    Hopefully that conduct will help her wake up to the fact that she is in a cult: a greedy, insensitive, money-hungry, high control, authoritarian cult!

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