Elder harassed my mom and asked for donation

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  • Divergent
    Lovesjehovah, if you are appalled at the audacity of this elder, you haven't seen anything yet. For example, google Jehovah's Witness together with elder & sex abuse and you would be even more appalled. Also, search for information on the Australian Royal Commission & Jehovah's Witnesses. If you really love Jehovah as I do, you would be ashamed to be in this organization!
  • stuckinarut2
    Hopefully that conduct will help her wake up too.....
  • Irish Dame
    Irish Dame

    The neglect my elderly widowed mother has received from JW relatives and congregation for more than a decade precipitated my waking up. Elders only call asking for her time report. I'm currently fading.

  • Divergent
    Welcome to the board, Irish Dame! The lack of love is one of the factors which made me wake up too. Everything is superficial & conditional. I have drastically faded myself & in the midst of doing so, found that those who I thought were my true friends were actually not!
  • supernerdboy
    Thats tragic, hope she gets better soon!
  • Irish Dame
    Irish Dame

    Kaik, my elderly mother has also had surgeries resulting in serious infections. I hope your mom is getting better.

    Thank you Divergent, my experience similar regarding "conditional" friends. I'll post more in future.

  • KateWild

    Kiak, I am sorry you're mum had to put up with this. But I can't say I am surprised. Hopefully this will make her think twice about ever donating again and it may even wake her up.

    Kate xx

  • jookbeard
    I'd be having a serious word in that elders ear, I'd warn him to keep away from my mum otherwise legal action will start
  • DesirousOfChange

    Time to build on it.

    1) That is SO unloving. That is NOT how Jesus said to treat one another, is it?.

    2) The brothers didn't used to be like that! When did things change?

    3) Have they lost Jehovah's Blessing? They sure seem to be in deep financial troubles, too.

    Good luck,


  • steve2

    How many times will people make excuses for this sort of behaviour by saying "it's only human" ?

    If this sort of unloving behaviour happened in a church of Christendom, JWs would be quick to judge the behavior of the leaders and claim it as proof the churches do not have the truth.

    But when it happens in their own organization, they make excuses.

    Double standards are the rule, not the exception, in JW organization.

    Defenders of JW organization do everything but hold their elders to account.

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