Elder harassed my mom and asked for donation

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  • kaik
    My mom had surgery last month and she developed complication and had to be on antibiotics to treat infection. So, she is recovering slowly, but things was tough on her and she was not attending KH or went to assembly two weeks ago. Nonetheless, elder showed up at her place and instead providing her with comfort he started to harass her that her faith is weak, she does not put trust in Jah, etc. On the top of it, he asked if she can contribute donation because overseer will be back in town and the KH needs money! This pissed her off and she started to argue with the elder that the overseer and his wife should work instead living off from congregations. They should not be in debt to anyone. The elder left, and went to my sister and complained. Now my mom is depressed and upset. I am pissed because she is still not doing well, and needs time to recover. Even my niece told me that grandma was depressed, and my mom is not person who gets depressed easily.
  • LevelThePlayingField
    OMG kaik, that is horrible. That elder is way out of line. I mean even by the WT standards he is out of line. I don't know what is up with him at all. All I can say is to try to comfort her the best that you can under the circumstances. Try to be the best person you can to her and aid her in anyway you can to try to reduce the stress in her life. That elder is a looser no doubt about that.
  • prologos
    He probably thinks the rich relative in the USA surely keeps her account overflowing, and wt and profiteers are harvesting the elderly's meager means of life.
  • kaik

    I know my mom does not like the overseer wife. She told me that overseer demanded in the past that women in the KH have to cook for him, but his wife complained that the women did not provide tasty meals. I know one sister who worked in restaurant and she is an excellent cook. So the wife must be super picky. Also my mom told me that KH has take overseer to dine out, but he demands the most expensive restaurants in the city.

    What I know my mom is donating money every time she goes to program and assemblies. But she had two surgeries last month and she was on antibiotics, which she does not tolerate easily. So if you are sick, last thing you want someone to harass you about faith, which is exactly what the elder did. When my mom is sick, she prays a lot, so she considered it as insult. I talked to my mom and I know the elder really pissed her off. And on top of it, he complained to everyone in the KH and rest of the family.

    Prologos, yes you are probably correct on this one.

  • Sabin
    This is disgraceful behaviour coming from anyone, please give your mum a big hug from me. Good for her standing up for herself like that to. It looks to me like he saw a woman in a vulnerable position & took advantage of her. Hope someone kicks his ass!
  • Divergent
    Seems like donations have dried up, thus the harassment for funds. I take it as a good sign that people ARE waking up & not donating, hence the KH is in need of money. Conclusion: God is not blessing their work... if he really was then they wouldn't be begging for money!
  • JWdaughter

    Write a letter about this incident, including gossip, to the boe, co/do ?and bethel.

    As he seems to be openly badmouthing mom it seems appropriate. Crap way to treat an ill person. You aren't a JW so he isn't your bro. Deal with him like the world would.

  • punkofnice

    This is the type of elder the WBT$ prefers. He is a bully and will thrive in the WBT$. I am sorry your Mum had to deal with this watchtower henchman. I understand how angry this makes you and I am so sorry.

    Your mother shouldn't have had to put up with any of Bro Bully-boys brutish demands and insults. He deserves humiliation in front of the community he lives in and a shout of disgrace to the WBT$ cult..

  • Makemeanunbeliever
    Hard to believe and to take you seriously with that avatar.
  • lovesjehovah
    I can't believe that happened to you! I'm appalled at the audacity of that man, he truly needs to realize that we can only serve one master, and money is not the favorable one. Please blame the man for his deeds and not the entire population of Jehovah's Witnesses. We are all human.

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