Elder harassed my mom and asked for donation

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  • JWdaughter

    Malik, I hope your mum is soon well, and I hope she keeps her spunky nature when she's not broke and in pain. Remind her that JWs brag about the anonymous nature of donations. Maybe she can shove that point into the next shakedown session.

    That point could be made to elders, area overseers and branch without naming names.

    The only vote she has is with her wallet.

  • kaik

    JWdaughter, I told my mom not to donate money to WT. She told me that she donates regularly and sometime on assembly she put $100 or more into the donation box. She seldom skips program in the KH where she has a circle of the same age women like her. However, when she is sick and can't walk after surgery until she is healed, she is not attending programs. Her husband is taking care of her right now. Any case, I can't enforce her not to donate, it is her money and I do not control her finances. What pisses me off that elder showed for donation instead asking if she needs help with anything. I know she does not need any help as she has family living within one hour from each other, and her husband is there for her. But I just do not grasp that he will ask her for money and starts to argue with her, and than goes to talk to my sister and tells her that mom has weak faith to Jah.

    She told me that one of her friend donated her savings to KH and willed her house to WT after her death. She is one of the woman, single, never married and available after Armageddon. One of the elder recommended that my mom should sell the house and move into studio (and probably donate the rest). I see WT became much greedy and demands more money for its operations.

  • JWdaughter
    Well, she isn't blind to what's going on. So if she plays the game, she knows the score.
  • brandnew
    All bad, dude....sorry....but damn 😠
  • kaik
    My mom is back in KH, but immediately she arrived, the elderette told her that she heard that my mom is giving up on Jehovah. So, elder had to complain, and now everyone knows that she was arguing with him. She is still in a lot of pain and she had to walk with cane to get to KH due hip/knee repetitive surgery. Nobody asked how she is doing, how was surgery, or if she needs anything. Poor woman, dedicated to get to program, is in pain, and they are turning back at her and ignore her during program.
  • Vidiot
    Which species of animals turn on their wounded, I wonder?
  • LongHairGal


    The horrible way your elderly mom is being treated by the congregation, as well as the callous way they ignored her tragic friend who committed suicide should at least make her wake up, just a little bit.

    Anybody lurking here had better realize there is really no human feeling in this religion as it has been slowly stripped away from the people sitting there!

  • Crazyguy
    This elder that's looking to collect is really aggresive, wonder if he puts some of the money he collects in his pocket. Never heard of an elder being so aggressive about donating.
  • kaik
    Crazyguy. There was a huge scandal in Prague's Bethel around 2000 when four or five were caught stealing and misusing funds. This was investigated by State Police and was dealt at the court. Brooklyn had to sent a team to get things straighten up. These four or five were DFs. and all was swept under the carpet. Bethel in Prague was eventually closed and the operation were moved to Slovakia.
  • LevelThePlayingField
    kaik I feel so sorry for you and your mom. And people wonder why we are on this site?! They should all every where wake up, but we know they all just won't. Hang tight.

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