An old Kingdom hall now a church?

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    That's it Dark, it became St Mary and St George church with in the last 16 months or so

  • punkofnice

    darkspilver - They have one hall that remains in Orton. The St Pauls Road one was a Plymouth brethren church. It was also the one where they intended lying to the local authorities that they had a 'caretakers flat', rather than tell the truth that it was a flat for the CO. (I can't recall the reason for the obviously).

  • darkspilver

    Hi punkofnice

    They have one hall that remains in Orton

    Ah yeah, cool, also Whittlesey?

    • 1A Brudenell, Orton Goldhay PE2 5SX
    • Church Street, Whittlesey PE7 1DB

    It was also the one where they intended lying to the local authorities that they had a 'caretakers flat', rather than tell the truth that it was a flat for the CO


    CO's don't clean

    And actually it's clearly marked up with the Council as being 'Minister's accommodation' and NOT a 'caretaker.'

    "Demolition and rebuild of existing Place of Worship to include Minister's accommodation, Former Welland Gospel Hall St Pauls Road New England Peterborough."

    The CO would count as a Minister and he serves the local area as well as the congregations who actually meet on site.

  • punkofnice

    Dark - Aha. they came clean (see what I did there), at last. I was on one of the BOEs when they were planning it all. It was in 2010 when I left.

    Whittlesey. I wouldn't count's fenland...a different species!

  • darkspilver

    punkofnice - hahaha

  • Incognito

    Two that are local to me are now churches. I've also seen one as a dental office and another as a child's daycare.

    With declining JW attendance, we should all expect to see more of this on a regular basis!

  • punkofnice

    Perhaps the Jobos should be hoping that a short sighted Jehovah(tm), doesn't accidentally destroy a Kingdom Hall that was once a church, when Armageddon(tm) comes. After all, Armageddon(tm) is just around the corner!

  • Sorry

    Oh yes, there was one that was 30 minutes from our house when we first moved into town (I didn't remember it cause it was years ago). When me and another sister visited a congregation in another city, she pointed out that the Baptist Church was once a Kingdom Hall. I pointedly said "So we sold our building to Christendom? Isn't that pretty much taking Satan's blood money?" I was just joking and told her that, but then I could tell she got agitated and asked me "Does it really matter?" Then I said, "It does since Jehovah's organization is contributing to the spread of the false religion they claim they're against." Then she proceeded to go on a long diatribe about how our elders and GB know best because they're being guided by Jehovah. Then she finished saying "Since you're pretty young, I'm going to assume you are know any better. Don't you know defying the organization is like Satan defying Jehovah? And we all know what happened to him..."

    I was 14 then. To this day she never lets me forget about listening to the GB/elders.

  • schnell

    There is one near me as well, a church converted from a KH. What's more, some brothers who owned the property the current hall is sitting on apparently made a bunch of money when it was built. I don't know the deets, but others do and they're somehow okay with it.

    Once, I was passing through Ohio when I stopped by a KH outside of Youngstown. Two elders incidentally stopped by as well, and in the conversation they explained that this hall was being sold to a church.

    There is no end to how ridiculous this organization gets.

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