The Myth About Jehovah as a "GOD of LOVE".

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  • smiddy3

    I`ll list a few things and welcome any input, comments you may have .

    1.When Adam & Eve "sinned" disobeyed him, surely God could have handled it better than to condemn all future generations to disease and death ?

    2.His handling of Satan who supposedly seduced Eve to disobey God could also have been done a lot differently with a finality to it.

    3.I find little if anything in his dealings with the patriarchs that suggests a loving God protecting them.?

    4.Taking on the Nation of Israel and leading them as his Chosen People does not inspire confidence or trust as a God of love.

    5.Throughout the Hebrew Scriptures / Old Testament his chosen people were constantly at war with other nations which of course would have meant many deaths of the Israelite`s during these battles .And the grief that comes with family members in those times. And don`t forget we are looking at hundreds of years here.

    6.The sickness and disease`s that existed while Jehovah God was sole ruler over his chosen people and also when he allowed Kings to rule over them .Most notably would be when the nation of Israel had a Leprosy Colony among them that apparently still existed up until Jesus time on earth.

    I look forward to your comments and anything else that you feel could be added to my list.Or if you feel I have been unjust in my criticism of Jehovah God and his dealings with humankind .

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Children called Elisha, a prophet of Jehovah, "Baldy Head" so he cursed them and a couple of bears tore 42 of them to pieces. Very loving.


  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Smiddy point number 2 was a eye opener for me. In other words punish the victim (Eve) and let the abuser (Satan) go. Now I know where the cult is coming from. Thanks for the thoughts on this subject. Still Totally ADD

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Sorry for double posting.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    There are any number of individuals,groups,organizations and nations today who have convinced themselves that there is a God and that they are his chosen ones and that their every move is of significance to him and the universe.

    I believe it was no different in “ bible times” and it’s writers were just as deluded about the existence of God and his supposed views on matters. This is evident from the fear based nonsensical tall tales and convoluted and unscientific explanations regarding the origins of the earth and mankind.

  • Giordano

    The great Flood is another example of writers who were delusional.

    God throws a hissy fit and sets out to kill every man, women, and child and every animal not on the ARK.

    Of course this was all made up crap that never happened. But there is an intention. Don't get on his bad side because God is nuts.

    His options could have been to send his son and a bunch of angles down to earth and destroy the gross wicked and lead reasonable people to see a new light. But No he sets out to kill everyone not on the ARK.

    Every one and anything breathing. Now since this simpleton god can see the future he should know that the future will revert back to another level of wickedness.

    Acting like a mental defective he drowns every man, women and child. What one year old could be looked at as a wicked person.? And perhaps worse....... the unborn die as well. God has now become the greatest abortionist, of all time.

    Jehovah the wannabe god who apparently can't control his appetite for slaughter.

  • Sanchy

    Jehovah was directly responsible for the execution of many innocent children in the OT, including the Egyptian firstborn during the plague, as well as David and Bathsheba's child.

    There is absolutely no justification for murdering innocent children.

  • EverApostate

    Jehovah itself is a Myth. The bible is not worthy to be trusted. It has a lot of scientific absuddity which proves it was written by Ignorant people

    And coming to the point about Jahs love

    Jah punished the entire human race - until now - with disease, suffering and death all because Eve disobeyed and ate a fruit. Does that ever sound loving ?

    And Jah didnt warn Adam and Eve about Satan. How caring is that

    And Jah kills millions of People but has allowed Satan free until now. How about that.

    In order to beleive the Bible, you have to train your mind to beleive it. Cant beleive as a normal belief factor.

  • blubberyk9

    I would agree with you: If the Bible is true, then how could the God it describes be a God of Love? This "God" is truly just as immature as humanity is he not?

    If one should believe that God is Love, how can they also believe the Bible is fully true? I believe the Bible is not true. The Bible is clearly a man-made book and reflects the values of the authors and or times of its authorship.

  • FedUpJW

    Perhaps somewhat of topic, I asked someone once if God is love? Yes. Okay, then why do humans die? They sinned, so are not perfect and die because of imperfection. So did the God of love create anything imperfect? No, he could not create imperfection. So if we die because we sinned and lost perfection, and God of love cannot create imperfection why do animals die? Because they were not created to live forever. So then why did the God of love instill in humans the need for pets, and the ability to love them, only to have to face the pain and sadness of losing them when they die? I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see!

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