Craziest thing you ever saw in a KH?

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    mikronboy2 hours ago
    Plus the brother giving his first assembly talk all about the flood. And how the people laughed at Noah until the flood came and drowned the bloody lot of them!

    ha ha ha--i heard that one too--back in the late 60's. only it was the Red Sea crossing then.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Bro Walker was a lovely chap--from the Caribbean. Every body loved him. His only fault--he always overran his platform assignments. he was always getting counselled for it, but it made no difference.

    one evening--in the min school--he was well into his talk--when ding went the time up bell. He carried on regardless. Ding for a second time. There was no 3rd time...the min school servant--and another bro--walked up on stage---each took hold of one of Bro Walkers elbows--and marched him off the stage. Riotous laughter. Even Bro W saw the funny side.

    thats true--i was there--i saw it. i was Mag/terr servant and a reg pio at the time, about 1967.

  • Dubfounded_12

    There was this Smurf toy I had once... 😆

  • Farmer Jim1
    Farmer Jim1

    It’s not as dramatic as some of your fine examples but there was this one time that the announcement was made that a piece of paper was going to be given to every audience member.

    You were told you had to write down the amount of money you expected to contribute over the next year. When the attendant tried to give me the piece of paper I shook my head and refused to take it. He kind of stood there in shock for a moment and it turned into a bit of a scene. Trouble was I was two rows from the front so everybody watched the standoff.

    It was probably the first act of non compliance that many had seen in the cong for some time.

    I could tell that some of the elders were itching to give me a roasting afterwards but they didn’t. Likely because I knew how to fight them at their own game at that point.

  • Fadeaway1962

    There was a sis with bipolar in the Cong and a bro was giving a public talk about marriage and she stood up and shouted hypocrite you bunch of hypocrites and the bro just said please don't tell my wife.

    Another time a couple came in the k/hall on a Thursday night under the influence of drink with cans of beer and they sat at the back of the hall just chatting among themselves then there was a question and answer item and the man put his hand up and the bro took his hand and he then went on a drunken ramble.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    Not that crazy, but in our KH in the 1970s, the record player for the Kingdom Songs was by the front seat on the left of the platform. The guy assigned to operate it was an oldish Eastern European guy, who was a bit weird, and was given that privilege because he wasn’t capable of anything else. He was never an MS or elder, but he was of the ‘anointed’ and one time he put on the wrong track. Everyone started singing, but it took a few bars before the reason for the discordance sank in, following which the (relatively young) elder on the platform immediately jumped from the platform and changed the track and had everyone start again. The operator was gobsmacked, still unaware there was a problem, but after the meeting he took the young elder aside and gave him quite a mouthful. It was quite embarrassing for everyone, especially as the language wasn’t what you would expect from a ‘brother’, and certainly not in a KH.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Just as the OP, we had a brother have a heart attack during the meeting. Ambulance was called, brother taken to the back of the hall to wait for the paramedics, while the meeting simply continued,

    On a lighter note, we had a guest speaker from bethel, who needed to use the toilet during his public talk, walked off, urinated, flushed (all could hear), walked back and resumed his talk.

  • LauraV

    We had our only anointed brother in the Cong excuse himself to go to the bathroom too.

    Those who thought that they were going to live in heaven forever with Jehovah were usually kind of quirky and that's putting it nicely.

    However, he and his wife finally saw the real light and stopped attending a couple of decades ago.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    ave okingThe craziest:

    Several times when my stepfather punched someone, including my biological father during a 3 day convention and an elder at another time. He was very abusive although the elders knew never did anything about it.

    The funniest:

    When women could still give 4 minute talks about assigned topics during the theocratic school - the topic was Ananias but she kept repeating Ananas (pineapple) and at the end of the 4 minutes, the whole hall was snickering and laughing. We got a bit of a browbeating at the next "special needs" talk.

    The most bizarre:

    There was this weird guy, came in a blazer and a dress shirt that was always stained, he also had unkempt hair and beard. Said he was a Jehovah's Witness though but nobody could verify his name or his story, came for about a year, smelled funky, answered the questions correctly, never had any books or literature with him but nobody knew who he was or where he came from. He would also loudly comment on the topics during the public talks. Never anything 'apostate' either, just randomly started having additional comments on the material.

    People related:

    We had a brother and us kids called him "Brother Armageddon" because you knew he was coming but you never knew when, even when he had to give talks at the Theocratic School, he had been present because he handed in his slip, but when his name would be called it still took about 2 minutes, and the school overseer would be talking to the elders about a replacement, when he would show up in the back and go to the front. Eventually someone found out that we were calling someone "Armageddon" and got scolded by the elders.

    Kid things:

    Me and my brother were always fighting, after the meeting while the parents were talking, we were running around. I got mad at him for something and threw a huge study bible at his head while the circuit overseer was there (it may actually have been the CO's bible, not sure if I remember). Loud gasp, everyone looking at us because we committed the gravest sin. I got a severe beating and was told to start copying the bible by hand, a few hours per day for the next few weeks.

  • slimboyfat

    Ananas, good one!

    That reminds me of a funny experience in a German country at an English language convention. Not everyone’s English was all that great at this convention. A pioneer couple were interviewed on the platform for about ten minutes explaining what success they had preaching to leopards. I said, what! Leopards! And I could tell that others in the audience were pretty confused about this too. Apparently they meant they had preached to people with leprosy. It took a while to figure it out. Where they found people with leprosy God only knows anyway.

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