Those keenly following umbertoecho ARC Brief Update.

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  • cappytan
    What letter are we talking about?
  • crazy_flickering_light

    @umbertoecho Thanks a lot to you. You a brave one. I don't find the words, maybe the reason it's not my native tongue but I think the main thing is, there's no words for it. Thank you, for everything you go thru. For everything you have to bear. And be sure, if there is anything at the ARC or in the Australian news, it will be translated and spread - Germany, Australia, Switzerland and many more - we watching Australia an spread it, as much we can do. You make a big difference, so kudos and all the best wishes I can imagine.

    Big hug to you


  • sir82

    They are tracking down legally trained people within the congregations and any accountants they can gather to assist with monetary advice.I handed the BOE letter to them as soon as I walked into the room. The commissioners took that letter very seriously. Heads together, they read it through, looked up and thanked me, then faxed it off, took copies and gave it back hours later.

    Bravo! Best news I've heard all day.

  • Listener

    You can find details about the letter through the above link. They could potentially be in breach of the Privacy Act. They have so little regard for anyone, including their own people. The interests of the wtbts beast is their priority. They think they own people.

  • cappytan

    Ah yes...I've seen that one. I was just wondering if it was a BOE letter I hadn't heard of yet.

  • Alive!

    Hi umbertoecho

    Years ago we stayed for about a year or so in a congregation whilst on a travelling/working holiday.

    An elder's wife came out in service with me and for some reason downloaded her terribly isolating experience as a mother who discovered that all her children had been sexually abused and what happened when she took it further.

    I remember her pain - and my internal shock that she had experienced terrible treatment from some - she was practically shunned and 'marked' for seeking justice.

    Thet was my first window into 'behind the scenes' - and at that time I had no idea how global the situation was.- bless you umber (((( hugs))))

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Thank you very much for standing up for the truth, all past, current and future victims of WT policies, and yourself.

    I hope that what you have done does not only change others' life for the better, but also yours.

    Big hug.


    As I understand you have been a great support UE. While I don't know either of you personally, I really appreciate that. Thank you!

  • umbertoecho

    Alive. Thanks for clearing that up. I can well imagine what happened to that poor woman. I was threatened with legal action if I took any further action. How about that?! This was in 1996/7. After that ..........years later, when my sister was ill I was told to phone her up and say sorry about my revelations. What!? I could not believe this was happening, I was gob smacked at the atrocity of some human beings. Looking back upon it. I realise that there were court cases coming to the fore and that I must have posed a real threat to the the family and the religion. That's why they went nuts at me. They had to shut me up quickly.

    Did this woman ever leave the religion? Did she ever take the guilty one to court? It's never too late you know.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Thanks for the link. Awesome.
  • Vidiot

    I really do think the individual BOEs were so enthusiastic about burying it all this time because facing the truth of it would shake their worldview too deeply.

    Sweeping it under the rug was their way of not having to face the fact that the system fostered the problem.

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