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  • Makemeanunbeliever
    In here it a big deal. In reality it made very little difference in the JW world.
  • Listener

    I would like to flag your post Makemeanunbeliever as I feel you are just trying to undermine people on here.

    For far too long people have just accepted the mistreatment dished out to them from the WTBTS, they are slowly being exposed even though it is evident that there are still Jw heavies and other ignorant ones who would prefer that things continue on the way they are. For too long they have had complete freedom in behaving in an unloving and cruel manner. They wouldn't be in this situation if they had stuck to bible principles instead of protecting their mighty beast - the Org.

    Even though you know your post is cruel, you've got no idea just how cruel it is.

    Isn't it simply amazing that it has been the Governments of this World that want to do something positive and beneficial to help and assist victims and to prevent future victims? The Aust RC is proof of this. The WTBTS have had decades to improve their policies and it has taken the Commission to determine that they have done very little. Through court cases and being exposed to the World they now have to face the backlash. Just look at how they are reacting to all this and it's clear that they are taking it very hard.

    It is a big deal and it takes a little person (or the WTBTS) to think it's not.

    You can carry on all you want on some issues but when it comes to child abuse you're not going to get away with it. It amazes me how anyone would want to troll about such a serious issue when it is obvious that so much damage has been done.

  • ThomasCovenant

    I'm a bit confused.

    Are we talking about the Royal Commission in Australia that dealt with JW's back in July and August?

    Are they still looking into the Witnesses?

  • Vidiot

    @ Thomas...

    In a word, yes.


    Umberto is now listed amongst the pantheon of XJW heroes, IMO.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Just because the hearing is over(for WT) does not mean that the ARC is no longer engaging with survivors and their stories. They still have final recommendation to formulate.

    This was a great post. Stay strong Umbertoecho.

  • DesirousOfChange

    In here it a big deal. In reality it made very little difference in the JW world.

    I'm not going to judge as to whether you are being an ass or just simply stating a fact. Regrettably, I do think it is true, but I think that it is only temporary that very little difference has been seen at this point.

    Why? The lawsuits in the US are surely racking up. I hope many more will refuse to settle and will push for exorbitant awards. The notoriety will cripple WTS if these awards make some headlines, but numerous multi-million dollar awards/settlements will be a crushing blow as well. Maybe it will get the attention of those who sit in the Ivory Towers of WT.


  • freddo

    @makemean ...

    The ARC - it is making a difference in the JW world.

    It is being spoken about "behind the hands" of many elders. They are just too frightened of being sanctioned - kicked out of higher positions or df'd if they say what is perturbing them. In my neck of the woods there are more and more resigning, sitting back and letting others take the strain. This may only be a straw on the camel's back but it is one of the heavier straws.

    The slowing down, the apathy, the reduced efforts, the lower meeting attendance - especially in the English speaking western world - I believe are directly attributable - at least in part - to this commission and the brave souls who have told them their stories.

  • blondie

    If thinking people look at the timeline of the Survivors Network Against Abusive Priests (SNAP) you will find that their victories started out small and have gradually grown bigger, forming a legal foundation to continue and increase the fight against the Catholic hierarchy and to give other people the tools to fight the religions and other organizations hiding abuse in their midst.

    But the fight is not over for them or ex-jws.

  • Vidiot
    Death by a thousand cuts.
  • steve2
    Never again will the organisation feature snide articles on negligent and/or culpable ministers/clergy from the churches of Christendom involving child sexual abuse for the topic is far too close to home.

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