Do I have to believe in Jesus to be saved?

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  • jp1692
    Unsure: this is a group of like minded individuals

    Well that is most certainly NOT true.

    Probably the only thing we all agree on is that JWs do not have "the Truth."

    After that, we're all trying to figure it out for ourselves, and that's the beautiful thing. You can disagree here, question, debate, change your mind.

    You can't do any of those things in the Kingdom Hall.

  • sparrowdown

    Ok, let me ask another way do you want others to tell you what to believe about Jesus?

    I have asked if you want your answer to be fact or opinion?

    I'll ask again do what do you want facts or personal opinion?

    How can I answer your question if I don't know what kind of answer you are looking for?

  • LisaRose

    Do you have to believe in Jesus to be saved?

    What is it you think you think you need to be saved from?

  • jp1692

    Thank you Lisa Rose, I asked that same question--more or less--on page 2 of this thread. Still waiting for a response from the OP on that one!

  • unsure


    Those on here can perhaps point me to resources where they beleive these facts are. What's wrong with asking and having a discussion on a discussion forum?

    However, to one person (when it comes to religion) their beleif is fact and the other person's beleif is wrong and is an opinion.

    So I guess I am technically asking for both?

  • unsure


    From the times, like all humans where I'm a less then a stellar person.

    All humans are at times ungrateful, angry, greedy, unkind, disloyal, dishonest etc.

  • unsure


    Just like I would ask a family member for forgiveness for showing those qualities towards them, I would ask forgiveness to God.

  • scratchme1010

    About the OP:

    EDIT: even though I have the "draw" to Christianity, I would be lying to myself if I said the Bible made sense TO ME.

    Good for you. You will get no judgement from me one way or another. best wishes.

  • hooberus

    "Those on here can perhaps point me to resources where they beleive these facts are. What's wrong with asking and having a discussion on a discussion forum?"

    One of the best books for understanding evolution is the book "The Biotic Message"

    It has helped me with some technical issues and especially for understanding the "flexability" and untestability of evolution.

    I don't agree with everything in the book since I am a biblical creationist. That said, the book is phenomenal for understanding evolution.

    Also see publications by the creationresearch society.

    The website "" has a lot of information defending salvation by grace without works.

  • sparky1

    No disrespect to you, unsure, but you seem to show a marginal understanding of the Bible like most Jehovah's Witnesses. If you knew your Bible, you would never have asked the question contained in your opening post. Your question and answer is found in Acts 16:30 and 31: "He brought them outside and said: 'Sirs, what must I do to get saved?'. They said: 'Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will get saved, you and your household.' " You can't have the Bible without Jesus Christ and you can't have Jesus Christ without the Bible. That's just the way it is. By the way, it's all just a fairytale anyway.

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