Are You Happy With The Country You Live In?

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    happy to be living on the Isle of Wight---an island just off the south coast of the UK.....but a million miles away.

    Life in the UK will soon get back to business as usual once this brexit ( bricks it ? ) nonsense is out the way. we even have a new prime minister---Boris Johnson: but in reality he is simply Donald Trump standing sideways.

  • LV101

    Yes - exactly, Simon. Bubonic plague waiting to happen and it spreads to next area so how the other cities can remain isolated from it is wishful thinking. The poor ocean water - just horrific -- so much for sanctuary cities.

  • Xanthippe

    I love England, free healthcare, some of the oldest universities in the world although government investment in science could be a lot better.

    The lake district, beaches and castles. Hundreds of beautiful old buildings most of which were given up by aristos who couldn't afford the death duties. I love the national trust.

    People here complain about the weather but if you've been in New York when it rains you'd know about it! Rivers of water running down he streets! We have a gentle climate, mild winters, lovely varied summers and no mosquitos.

  • jhine

    l agree Xanthippe , we have some of the best coastline and countryside in the world . l would add the South Coast and the North Wales coastline . Even the small town where l live , Tamworth , has a ( small ) castle .

    Our NHS isn't perfect but a heck of a lot better than the healthcare in some countries .


  • barry

    I live in Australia but it's good to go and see how others live so we are going to Arizona next tuesday.

    I feel sorry for our Canadian cousins with that maniac Trudeau in power. Most of the western countries are more right wing now we have Sco Mo England has Bo Jo the USA has Do no. Canadians you have the right name for your prime minister. Tru Do but nothing else about him is right.

  • smiddy3

    Born and bred Australian here ,good health care system ,Pharmaceutical benefit Scheme, with subsidised prescriptions $ 6:50 and when you reach a threshold then they are free,for the rest of the year.

    Easy going she`ll be right mate ,attitudes for most people .

    Maybe not perfect ,but neither was Israels system living under a Theocracy ,and I would prefer Australians system to that.

  • Wonderment

    I like this post.

    Hey Simon, out of curiosity, where in Canada are you from?

  • Simon

    We're in Calgary, Alberta. Suffering right now with a loony mayor determined to bankrupt the city with reckless spending and runaway budgets at a time the city and province has been hit by Trudeau and the anti-pipeline federal policies.

    A week after they cut essential services and cancelling investment in a new rail line, they announced they are spending $500m on a new sports arena. This is after pissing away $300m on a fucking library. Insane. Peak-oil spending at a time that oil revenues are in the toilet and unwillingness to make cuts at city hall (highest paid mayor, multiple pensions etc...)

    Right now Canada is just endless pandering to foreign powers, first nations, Islam and open doors to illegal immigrants. We need a conservative government to put things back on track.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I live in England, the UK.

    Overall, I suppose I'd say I'm happy living here. I'm glad I got free state education when I was a kid - that was pretty decent.

    I was ill in 2013 and had to go to hospital for 2 weeks. The NHS was brilliant.

    I would seriously consider moving abroad if the opportunity came up, tho. Maybe to Canada, the US, Australia or New Zealand.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    I'm currently residing in Japan (an expat from the USA).

    Very safe, polite and proper, national healthcare, strict immigration control, technology savvy which is allowed accommodation by the essence of nature's power, from the vastness of Hokkaido to the tropics of Okinawa. Did you know that Japan is 70% mountains?

    Been here for nearly two decades now and forever grateful that I made the international move. However, I do miss family and friends in the States. Give and take I suppose.

    Alligator Wisdom

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