Are You Happy With The Country You Live In?

by minimus 49 Replies latest jw friends

  • LV101

    Yrs. ago (90s up to few yrs. ago) top doctors in the medical world - cali and here - told us Canadians flock to US for medical - (and here during the Obama depression to buy property) or the ones that can afford it. You could drop dead waiting for an MRI machine, etc., in Canada. I'm sure that's all changed. I don't see great medical here once it's socialized but medicare seems to be decent in the US -- from what I hear.

    Yes - I'm happy here but not happy with California right now. Unreal what's going on.

  • minimus

    Is Cali part of the USA??

  • Tameria2001

    I love where I am living, although there are a few places I would love to check out.

  • Vanderhoven7

    O Canada, my home and native land...

    Thankful for freedom and for Medicare

    Wish summer could last longer...but hey, it is what it is.


  • minimus

    It’s wonderful to hear people who truly love their country. Even if nothing is perfect, it’s more than livable. I’d rather be here than in Venezuela.

  • hoser

    I’ve never lived anywhere but canukistan. Born and raised here. I haven’t made any effort to move anywhere else and illegal immigrants want to enter so It mustn’t be that bad of a country.

  • LV101

    lol re/Cali, Minimus. Yes -- the beautiful state of California. I love California and the homeless situation is heart breaking -- check out the latest re/the beautiful ocean areas (so cal) and the health risks because of rats, illegals, lack of decent, affordable, housing. Ocean life is dying because of the horror! Even beautiful San Francisco - it's hard to believe.

  • minimus

    California... the dirty state.

  • LV101

    Re: California -- you are right, minimus.

  • Simon

    California will have bubonic plague soon, you can't have a hundred thousand people shitting in the streets and it now have any effect.

    Import the 3rd world and you become the 3rd world.

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