Goodbye Mother

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  • carla

    I'm so sorry punk, glad your kids were there to help. Wishing you all peace.

  • punkofnice

    Thank you all.

    Because of the corruption of the Watchtower Corporation(tm), no way am I letting them in to my family ever again. They can shove their funeral infomercial where the monkey shoves his nuts.

    As for my step sister, if she shuns me, then she can expect to be met with total indifference from me.

    Play Watchtower(tm) games, get stupid prizes.

  • WingCommander

    So very sorry for your loss Punk. In a way, I envy you. How so? Well, at least you've had at least 1 of your parents this long. Long enough to see you grow up into a man, and even see your children grow up. See, I lost my entire family before I was 30 due to different cancers, illnesses, etc. Only my mother was alive to see my son until he was 3 yrs old, when she then passed. JW or not, I am glad you had so much more time with her than my own.

  • nicolaou

    Condolences punk. Good on you for standing strong.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    When my 94 y o JW dad died in 2016--i checked his will--there was no mention of funeral arrangements, so as there was no one else to make the arrangements--i did it all. I met with a funeral director--and explained i wanted no religious service whatsoever.

    I never told his congregation he had died--or his grand children--all JWs, who had never visited him in the care home--or for years before that.

    I went to the crematorium--along with 2 friends of mine--both ex jw. A couple of the carers from the home went. The coffin was bought in--the funeral director said there would be a couple of minutes silence for reflection; the curtain closed in front of the coffin--and that was that.

    i think of my dad quite often--and i believe he had a lot of doubts about the religion--but he kept it to himself. The congregation was well aware i was very close to my dad--and he never shunned me.

  • EasyPrompt

    😢💔I am so sorry, punkofnice.

  • Elmer

    Hi Punky, sorry for your loss. Keep playing music, I’ve found it to be a great healer when I lost both of my parents.

    Keep Rockin’ Punky

  • Vidiot
    Hang in there, Punk.
  • joe134cd

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. Unfortunately one day I will have to make the same decision for my father. It will be in the KH, and a full JW service. My father is a fully believing JW now, which I’m happy with, and will be when he dies. I’ve decided after the death of my father, an aunt and a cousin it will be quitzies for ever walking into a hall or anything jw related. Out of respect for my father, I tolerate their nonsense.

  • Biahi

    Sorry for your loss, Punky. 😢

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