"Blood Guilty"

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I remember one talk given back in 1972 when I was becoming a JW was about the angel with a smashing instrument was told to kill every one with out the mark on the forehead(Ezekiel). And the explanation was that if we didn't engage in this life saving work we would become blood guilty. Yes the Watchtower uses all the psychological tricks it to get one in complete servitude to corporate directives even guilt before tribunal of men they are suppose to be obedient too regardless what they really think.

  • fastJehu
    (Luke 17:1, 2) 17 Then he said to his disciples: “It is unavoidable that causes for stumbling should come. Nevertheless, woe to the one through whom they come!  It would be of more advantage to him if a millstone were suspended from his neck and he were thrown into the sea than for him to stumble one of these little ones.

    The GB made a lot of JWs stumble when they made the wrong predictions about 1975 and all the other wrong predictions.

    So the bible is very clear, who is blood-guilty.

  • Finkelstein

    Blood guilt is closely related to the WTS for its unscriptural ban on blood transfusions, vaccinations and organ transplants.

    Thousands have because these wrongful doctrines.

    The WTS has been wrong on many of its established doctrines not only time setting Jesus's return.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    It was 1973 in the "Nation's Shall Know That I Am Jehovah" that they put it on really heavy that Jehovah would kill any one who didn't warn other's about their destruction/sword from Jehovah if they didn't change or something or other. I got sucked into to it at the time. Blood guiltiness was a pretty hot topic in the 70's that may even linger some 40 years latter.

    I think that in today's climate in the Borg it is not such a hot topic as it was back then. Today's hot topic is AM#3 tight pants that disgust Jehovah because they are furnishing eye candy to the Gay community another big Jehovah no no.

  • Finkelstein

    Ironically any person who is devout to the WTS has forfeited their own salvation for abiding and supporting a recognized false prophet(s)

    So JWs have really killed themselves from a biblical and theological viewpoint.

  • eyeuse2badub

    I gave a public talk years ago that included a part regarding how we could be "blood guilty" if we knew that our tires were bad and we drove on them anyway a got into an accident and killed someone".

    damn even our cars are subject to jehober!

    just saying!


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    "blood guilty"

    I mean, Geez, who likes to sit there and hear this?

  • smiddy3

    If anyone is to be accountable for being "blood guilty" its none other than Jehovah God and his worshipers Jehovah`s Witnesses /Governing Body.

    Jehovah God : Just a casual look at the "Old Testament" and the "New Testament" shows how much blood was shed and will be shed by Jehovah God himself and Christ Jesus.

    Of both man and beast :

    The millions of people man woman and child that was destroyed in the flood of Noah`s day.

    All of the animal/bird sacrifices that were offered up to Jehovah in the New testament , as an example of one incident in 1 Kings 8: 63-64 , "twenty-two thousand cattle and a hundred and twenty thousand sheep were slaughtered" as burnt sacrifices to Jehovah.

    a bit over the top dont you think ?

    Jehovah`s Witnesses /governing body :

    They are blood guilty for their bad medical advice from early on : advice against vaccinations of deadly diseases ,against organ transplants ,and especially against blood transfusions and blood products which they have now partly accepted highlighting their hypocrisy .

    How can the G.B. accept blood fractions as approved when such fractions are derived from blood donated by non witnesses then stored in a blood bank and then processed in a laboratory into fractions and that is then acceptable for Jehovah`s witnesses to take.?

    I have had J.W`s say to me "I would never take it " but they miss the point their Governing Body says its O.K.

  • carla

    I never understood why they don't apply the blood guilty thing with promoting false information (new light). I asked my jw about it once - me- "so, you go around making certain claims and next week you get a new wt with new light, do you go back to the homes you just visited and correct your previous old light?" jw- "no, jah knows we were trying so it won't matter". Something like that anyway. They really don't care what message they are giving as long as they are getting brownie points for doing the 'work'. Funny they don't see it as bloodguilty for giving false or should I say new and improved information about God.

  • Diogenesister

    The talking snake was deemed " a manslayer" for saying something untrue.

    When Witnesses have told a householder " old light" that's untrue they get forgiven because "God knows they were trying".

    Maybe Satan the snake was " trying"

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