Prediction of Watchtower in a Few Years

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  • joe134cd

    Long hair girl : I couldn’t agree more, as im in that exact same position. My elderly father is getting weary of driving long distances, so I drove him to his assembly. While dropping him off at the front door I was looking those who I knew going inside. As I’m not DFed I was smiling and interacting with them. But deep down it made me appreciate that I’m not one of these deluded fools. I can see PIMOs as their PIMI parents die (like myself) making the exit easier.

  • MeanMrMustard

    I feel the org will be more accepting of tight pants going forward.

  • Fisherman

    If the WT is a fake manmade religion, the jig is up. A new generation is not buying it. Many years ago people were religiously inclined snd “searching” but now people’s concern is about enjoying their lives and paying their bills. Nobody has time to devote to religion nowdays. There was an exciting interest in the past about prophecy and the time of the end and of spiritual experience and feeling. But that is not what characterizes people nowadays. Peoples like Jews and others, however, still practice religion for cultural or nationalist reasons although atheists. —Of course JW are convinced that God is behind them and JW are unstoppable.

  • sloppyjoe2

    @fisherman, i don’t think the gig is up at all. Religious belief comes and goes as far as importance. A major event in the world can drive people back to religion. There are probably thousands of inactive JWs that still believe, but don’t have the desire to do the work. All it takes is something big and they flock back. I think humans today prefer the dumbed down version of the religion. Tell me what I need to do, not something complicated that I need to know. Meetings, field service, a quick personal study, and they’ll do it. And this is coming from someone who does believe JWs are a man made religion.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    My prediction for the WTBTS in the next five to ten years:

    1) Their numbers being drastically reduced due to death rate, very low conversions/baptized and disinterested JW faders from within.

    2) Unfavorable costly, huge & enormous CSA court cases.

    3) Due to low membership numbers & expensive CSA court battles WT deams it necessary to unload the Ramapo Building Project. The Roman Catholic Church or The Mormons who themselves are in need of a Media Center make an offer to The WTBTS they can't refuse.

    4) On a scale of 1 to 10...the possibility/probability of 1 through 3 above happening...9+...Yay!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad 3) meant to say...WT deems it necessary...

    Also...another contender looking to expand & in need of a modern Media Center and likely to submit an offer to WTBTS to take over Ramapo is SDA...Seventh Day Adventist. 🤣

  • Fisherman

    Religious belief comes and goes as far as importance. A major event in the world can drive people back to religion.

    Not in this modern world and information age. Religious institutions with ceremonies and and rituals and prohibitions and tithes are on their way out because people don’t need them if they stop giving out free rice. Before, people looked to religious leaders and institutions for spiritually having superpowers from God but now see ministers as a guy with a costume living better than me. There is nothing special about religious leaders compared to self. The rituals and prohibitions are meaningless to the new generation except for cultural reasons and traditions and community and family — in some religions like Judaism. Without God, religion is a burden (now that the church and its leaders are seen with kryptonite eyes) —except when it makes people feel identity and a feeling of belonging when a person participates in ceremonies and lifestyle but only as a façade and pretense because it is a burden. People still have their personal beliefs and faith in God but mankind’s era of organized religion are like the era of magic shows, you can learn how the trick is done on tiktok. Who goes to magic shows nowadays?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Should LDS or the RC make an offer to the Dubs which the borg can't deny, theoretically speaking, I just don't know how the borg will sell that to the sheeple. If this should ever happen, it just seems so 'out there'. But sometimes fact is stranger than fiction,

  • Vidiot

    I think the WTS will slowly shrivel away to a pale, whispery shadow of itself.

    Like the Hare Krishnas, or the WCG.

  • Hellothere

    There were predictions back in the 80 s about watchtower. It's growth. How fast it was growing in catholic country's like Italy and Brazil. Some JWs even though it would surpass catholic church in some countries. They were fun predictions, cause they always hade a positive tone to them ( even if unreal). Today predictions about watchtower can only be made in negative fashion. Either religion fades away or just continues in a death spiral some more decade/decades. I don't know what positive can be said this days about the religion i spent (wasted) so many years in.

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