Prediction of Watchtower in a Few Years

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  • Hellothere

    I never took does census seriously. Last year happiest people in the world live in Finland 😁 come on now. Wanna feel the puls of organisation, visit the meetings. Watchtower meetings Half empty, most older people. What i find strange about that is watchtower religion Is a high controlling group. Build on snitching and elders putting pressure on members to attend meetings. Could it be the GB lost control of congregations?

  • joe134cd

    Disillusioned JW: I totally agree with you. The questioned raised was “ is watchtower cooking the books regarding membership number.

    With regard to Mexico and my country. There can only be two possibilities.

    (1) yes they are. In they are under reporting their membership. Well at least when compared to the LDS/ SDA.

    (2) As with the Mormon church, JWs are inflating the numbers. Having fewer number in the census that what the church officially stated would indicate an even bigger interest with the general public.

    I believe there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to believe the JWs are telling the truth.

    (1) all three religions (JWs, LDS,SDA) claim around the 20 million mark.

    (2) when comparing self identification in the census to church counts. The JWs seem to be pretty consistent, well at least as far as Mexico and my country go, and have done so for many years.

    If there was any hanky panky with Wt. Surly this would eventually have to show up in the census. Even if a person is a hardened atheist but still identifies as a jw.

  • redvip2000
    They just struggle on and readjust to the shrinking numbers as best they can until there is no one left.

    One has to wonder the level of spin from Org to excuse fading numbers, especially when it becomes too obvious. They are already massaging the number in innovating ways. They might have to resort to stop counting altogether. Or maybe they'll start counting visits to the website as members of the religion. They will need to cover the bleeding somehow.

    I know I've heard my mother say several times that even if there is only one person left, it will still be the true religion. Hard to beat that level of delusion.

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