Prediction of Watchtower in a Few Years

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  • LongHairGal


    As others have said, the JW religion will probably be around for a while.

    They will try to reinvent themselves possibly. They will still keep the public preaching work to some degree to keep their charitable status, as has been mentioned.

    What I really think will greatly weaken them, in the not too distant future, is the demise of those very elderly ‘faithful’ Witnesses.. When these people go, so will their donations.

    As a result of this, the religion will also lose more numbers.. In my opinion, other JW family members presently hanging on and ‘faking it’ for their elderly parents’ sake, will leave.. Once the elderly Witnesses die, everyone will see some family members just stop coming.

    Ultimately, at some point in the future…the religion will resemble other defunct sects in the USA. Time will tell.

  • Fisherman

    They will try to reinvent themselves possibly

    They are not unconvinced because the eschatology is not happening as believed. But it does seem that the JW preaching work is coming to an end compared to years ago.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    They will reinvent themselves by becoming more insular and utilizing the internet more with the broadcasts and streamlining.

    Look for a further reduction of printed material and properties.

    We're talking about a multi-billion dollar company here. It will not just go away overnight. A multi-billion dollar company has all kinds of things at it's disposal.

    Mind control is effective way to manipulate people for time, energy and money.


  • Phizzy

    " A multi-billion dollar company has all kinds of things at it's disposal."

    Very true ! not least is their manipulation of tax free and Charitable status.

    It is still my fervent hope that I see them at least shrivel to the point where JW family and old friends are awakened enough to examine the org. and wake up.

    But the years are rolling along very fast. I shall watch what happens with great interest, there must come a very real "Gladwell Tipping Point" , then a real decline, hopefully before my demise.

  • Hellothere

    Like now mostly downhill. JWs getting Older and no younger members from territory. Many more khs will be sold. Cause everything is online this day's. Much less door 2 door. Cause everything is online this day's. Teaching will be more diluted. We'll it's been going on for years with magazine written for children as it seems. They probably wanna turn zoom meetings to something fun. More entertainment. So that's probably the aim with new media center. They must remove all old farts 😂 before that. Make org young and hip. I think with new media center and professional Brothers they can pull something of. Not that people gonna flock to org. But change its reputation from a boring mundane cult, too something mainstream. Not to get people into org, but too make people in org enjoy meetings and being a JW little more. So they feel they in org, but same time not. That mental freedom maeby makes them open their wallet more 😊. Compared to being JW in 70 s and 8 day's asamblea, i can say being a JW this day's is not that much different then being in many other Christian groups. When hardliners die of it's gonna become even more softer.

  • LV101

    WT didn't seem too concerned about their figures demanding adherents to have the frankenjabs -- it's a slow kill so many will carry on a few yrs -- hopefully!

    There's a state of crisis constantly keeping the populace in state of fear which might help the JW door knockers and WT stats -- many people work from home today and no one knows how rattled one might become and grasp on to any 'good' news (hopium) offered. One scary world.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Yeah. Probably the Borg will just fade and fade away, most likely.

  • sloppyjoe2

    Why would it fade away? EX JWs predict the end of the organization as fervently and incorrectly as JWs predict Armageddon.

  • LV101

    Cult would need strong IV drip of Midazolam to doxx off the old dogs and the new clones unless really losing billions to implement main stream 'hip' movement -- they rely on fact there's never a shortage of hurting humans for recruitment. If fall out is huge change will be inevitable but there's still a heavy load on members compared to religions people enjoy and are proud to be a member of. How many JWs hide the fact they're a member of the WT -- it was embarrassing and shocking for them yrs. ago (it was obvious) and I can only imagine today.

  • slimboyfat

    I am sorry to tell you Phizzy, but I know many churches that have declined far more than JWs and have never reached a point of saying “can this be the right religion”, or “is it worth it”, and “time to throw in the towel”. Well on an individual level I am sure some members do think that - and that’s part of the reason for the decline! But it never seems to reach a tipping point where there is a collective reckoning as such.

    Churches that have experienced severe decline in recent years where I have some direct knowledge include Methodists, Church of Scotland, Mormons, Christadelphians, Unitarians, Baptists, Brethren, Swedenborgians, Christian Scientists, New Apostolic Church. I’m probably forgetting some. Some of these churches have lost half their members, or more, over the past 20 years. Yet until there is literally no one left to physically turn the light on and off (this happened with the Swedenborgians who closed in Scotland with 4 members remianing, down from 800 in the 1950s) there simply doesn’t seem to be a level of decline where a religious group will throw in the towel early. They just struggle on and readjust to the shrinking numbers as best they can until there is no one left.

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