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    The Watchtower was so quick to change their policies and procedures in relation to minors, JCs and disfelowshipping. Although the Courts decision had a lot to do with the organisations treatment of minors when disfellowshipped, it appears that the Watchtower has not done enough.

    These changes that they have just made in relation to the dealing of serious sins by minors have been drastic. It appears that the organisation painstakingly went to the trouble of downplaying it by introducing cosmetic changes to the dress codes which were likely to catch the attention of jws.

    It is interesting that they now place the responsibility of children’s behaviour for serious sins back to the parents, who, biblically they have always been in subjection to. This change affects those children that have been baptised or are an official publisher. I am looking forward to seeing how they put this in print for jws to read.

    However, they’ve ignored the fact that the same principles apply to the wives in the household, who are in subjection to their husbands, being the head of the household.

  • Jeffro

    But they have doubled down on shunning 'apostates', which violates Freedom of Religion rights including the right to change religion. So I don't see their appeal going too well, but it depends on who has the best lawyers to some extent.

  • Jeffro

    It’s always odd when people vote down a comment but give no indication why. 🤣

  • Vidiot

    I always figured it’s because they know the statement is correct and resent it.

    (Now watch me get one. 😏)

  • Vidiot


    …I used to suspect the Org had a pathological habit of shooting itself in the foot.

    It’s no longer a suspicion.


  • NotFormer

    "I always figured it’s because they know the statement is correct and resent it.

    (Now watch me get one. 😏)"

    I deliberately upvoted this post. 😉

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Its no longer a "suspicion",, its evident

    The Borg is its worst enemy.. Managing to pull itself into a bind,,,again

  • Listener

    Jeffro - But they have doubled down on shunning 'apostates'

    Yes, they may have eliminated a few of the reasons for the ruling but they've also made it worse in other areas, such as apostasy, as you pointed out.

    I wonder if they think that it's not possible for a minor to be considered as an apostate because they are ultimately under the authority of their parents. If their parents tell them they have to attend meetings, or they can't speak negatively about the religion to others, or that their atheism is irrelevant then the Government will not intervene in the well accepted parent/child relationship, so apostasy becomes irrelevant. They may argue in court that they will not disfellowship a child for apostasy because ultimately all they are doing is rebelling against the parents and it's up to the parents to keep them in line.

  • Jeffro

    A lot of focus has been put on JWs’ treatment of minors in regard to disfellowshipping, but the actual case in Norway is just as much about the policy of shunning of any former members who wish to leave the denomination. This is especially relevant to ‘apostates’, though individuals who are disfellowshipped for any reason are still shunned, with only a slightly relaxed policy that only really amounts to additional emotional coercion to ‘return’.

    The policy, along with pressure from the organisation, to shun ‘apostates’ is also quite separate to the rights of individuals to stop talking to someone as an individual choice. But it is by design that members are officially not allowed to talk to dissenters, and making shunning a ‘conscience matter’ would defeat the purpose of the ‘arrangement’.

  • Phizzy

    I am not sure they will be stupid enough, if they lose this appeal ,to take the case to the ECJ, but I DO hope they are !

    But the danger is that when considering going to the ECJ they may actually pay for some decent legal advice and be advised of the ramifications of losing in the ECJ.

    But their incredible arrogance and stupidity may combine and prompt them to do so, oh I do hope so !

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