Does anyone know of this guy, or agree with his statements on racial differences in IQ?

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  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Here are some quotes by the guy, from his Youtube channel. His name is Stefan Molyneux, and he’s apparently popular among the alt-right crowd. He’s ALSO widely quoted on these discussion boards, by certain ex-JWs, who use him to help promote their political views.

    What do ya’ll think? Is he just a little bit “out there,” or is it just me?

    “Screaming 'racism' at people because blacks are collectively less insane."
    —YouTube video, The Death of Europe | European Migrant Crisis, October 4, 2015

    “You cannot run a high IQ [white] society with low IQ [non-white] people…these [non-white] immigrants are going to fail...and they're not just going to fail a little, they are going to fail hard…they're not staying on welfare because they’re lazy...they’re doing what is economically the best option for are importing a gene set that is incompatible with success in a free-market economy.”
    —YouTube video, The Death of Europe | European Migrant Crisis, October 4, 2015

    “The whole breeding arena of the species needs to be cleaned the fuck up!”
    —Podcast FDR2740,Conformity and the Cult of ‘Friendship’,” Wednesday call-in show July 2, 2014

    “I don’t view humanity as a single species...”
    —Podcast FDR2768,Collective Guilt for Fun and Profit”, Saturday call-in show, August 9, 2014

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    The extreme right wing of the Republican party love this nonsense. They, of course, are racists and in many cases Fascists. "Very good people" in Trump's dystopian world.

  • LV101

    How low can humans go -- ahh, that's right we know from the posts above. Just sick! Believe it was the dems that wanted to keep the African Americans as slaves ad infinitum. Ahhh, just a little history there for you.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Besides all the serious concerns about the validity and interpretation of any claims that one 'race' (which is a social construct, not a biological one) has a higher IQ than another, this is what stands out to me:

    Black Americans today have a higher IQ (on average) than white Americans two generations ago. Yet somehow our (lower IQ) grandparents managed to build and continue a thriving society with science, arts, and the whole shebang.

    If our 'dumb white grandparents' could do it, surely any 'race' alive today can.

    At for the quotes on subspecies and cleaning up the breeding area: they're both unscientific and immoral. Adolf Hitler made sure eugenics and Übermensch breeding was tainted forever.

  • JaniceA

    Those of us who gave love and devotion to that ill conceived organization may still have bad judgment about whom we get on the bandwagon with.

    There are bigots among us. We accept the leadership of bigots so why is anyone surprised? How many of us dropped all their stupid biases and prejudices instantly? How many of us are still a work in progress? A lost cause?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I'm perfectly ok with different groups of people having different mean IQs.

    How many years of evolution separate the people who moved into Eurasia from the people who stayed in Africa ... 50,000 years, 100,000 years?

    But it doesn't mean lower mean IQ = lower value as a human being, or higher mean IQ = higher value.

    I'm white but I'm sure there are plenty of black people more intelligent than me.

    And I don't think IQ scores would get in the way of people integrating.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane
    Believe it was the dems that wanted to keep the African Americans as slaves ad infinitum. Ahhh, just a little history there for you.

    Wow! Thanks for the ‘history lesson.’

    Actually, most of the Northern Democrats were against slavery, while the Southern Democrats were pro-slavery. Meanwhile the Whigs’ party were split along regional lines. Almost a century later, we saw the Democrats, under President Truman, move to integrate the armed forces. Kennedy ‘carried’ the civil rights movement after his defeat of Richard Nixon, who WAS an early proponent of civil rights. Gotta give Nixon credit for that. Meanwhile Democrat Strom Thurmond, who went against Truman, was opposed to the civil rights movement.

    I’m not making this about Dems vs Repubs, though it seems you are. To me, it’s more like Facism vs the ideals of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal...”

    Thanks again for the history ‘lesson.’

  • fulano

    I would not rely to much on those IQ statistics. What is an IQ? Just the outcome of a test. Since Alfred Binet started with his ideas about the IQ test it has ben developed (by Lewis Terman, Stanford University). The latest comparing of IQ and races is mainly based on Rushton's studies and research. My question is (I didn't have the time to find that out), who of the different races did he test, where the races of the same educational level? How many did he test?

    Anyway, IQ is not the way to succes ipso facto.

  • fulano

    LV101, why not leaving the topic slavery outside this discussion? It has nothing to do with slavery.

  • barry

    Whites do not have the highest mean IQ.

    From what I have read some Jewish groups have upwards of 110 score in IQ and even though the Jewish population is very small they have 25% of Noble Peace awards.

    The White Asians are next on the list with a mean score of 105 IQ points. We see the rise of China and remember south Korea devastated 60 years ago but now a technological marvel in a short time.

    Whites come in next with 100 points IQ. The IQ test based originally on whites to test under performing children by a French Psychologist over 100 years ago.

    Some points to consider are

    Identical twins have been tested that have been separated early in life one to a rich family and the other to a poor family but both when tested show very close IQ scores.

    A persons IQ is not reliant on education level .

    Nutrition is a factor for brain development and can effect IQ scores.

    IQ scores are according to Psychologists the most reliable data when accessing a person.

    I once saw a video where school children in India are accessed every year to see if the smarter ones can qualify for a scholarship. Once IQ is established it is fixed for life. Some consideration is allowed for old age.

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