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    One major insight I got from the Divine Purpose book was that a major effort by the organization was to solve the military service problem. They just had to have a way to establish with the courts that a JW service-age man was a 'minister' and qualified for the ministry exemption. Post WW2, they made a number of changes to support this effort:

    Changed 'all religion is bad' to 'true religion and false religion', due to criticism that to be a minister one has to be a member of a religion.

    Introduced the Ministry School, at first entirely for men (because of the draft) to answer criticism that JWs had no training to be ministers. The textbook was 'Qualified to be Ministers', the 1950's edition even had a list of JWs by name who they identified as ministers.

    Gilead school created to provide an answer that their ministers sent overseas had theological education equivalent to other religions' schools.

    'Pioneer' status invented, replaced the culporter, which was argued to be simply a salesman. Pioneers had strict rules about counting and reporting hours in ministry.

    All these changes described in the book were initiated entirely in the context of supporting their stance against the draft. The court win in the 1954 Walsh case (Scotland) was touted in the book as a victory.

    'Our Kingdom Ministry' introduced to support the fiction that the Ministry School had a curriculum

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    I said this: "The trouble with downvoting is that it doesn't come with any explanation as to why. Hopefully someone just clicked the wrong button in this case. 😳"

    And got a downvote! 😸 I think someone's having a lend...

    Slimboyfat got a downvote too. The Phantom Downvoter has struck again! 😳

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    I never give down votes. This is the only forum where l have seen the option to down vote .

    If someone does give me a down vote l do wonder who it was and why . I would rather that the person tells me why they disagree.

    Jan from Tam

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    If & when you ever see a down vote on your comment just take it with a grain of salt and don't worry about it.

    Remembering that,,,you will NEVER please everyone. When you look at it that way,, it helps.


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    There could be a few reasons for a downvote:

    It could be a fat-fingered mistake or a person could disagree with some of your post OR all of your post.. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything you said was wrong or untrue.. They just don’t like it. Some people on the forum (maybe lurking JWs) are upset that a particular thing is even said in the first place.

    Sometimes maybe some don’t want to engage with argumentative people and they downvote instead.

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    Thanks guys . I don't take things personally but l would like to engage, politely, with someone who has a different view on things .

    Maybe l could learn something. Who knows l could be wrong , l do believe in miracles lol .

    I get that it's sometimes better to agree to disagree and move on . Done that a few times .

    Jan from Tam

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    I suggested a change to anonymous up/downvoting about a year ago. It wasn't that popular..

  • LongHairGal


    If somebody wants to engage they will. Sometimes they can’t be bothered.


    Because it would descend into stalking and insults and some FUs on the part of some individuals here who have a problem.

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