Girls are unpredictable, materialist, and use us, men, as a toy - Part 2

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  • will-be-apostate

    Note to self: 2mg of xanax a day takes the pain away. Recommend it to everybody

  • SiqChild

    Dear will-be-apostate,

    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences with women. If it's any consolation, I have been going through a series of similar situations myself. It seems that men these days. Only want sex. And there is no Love mentioned at all. The worst ones, are the ones that tell you they want you. And lure you into their bedrooms with all that sweet talk about how pretty you are, ect. And then once they have you, they say, "Oh, but I don't want a relationship."

    Talk about world crushing... Then they continue to lead you on... like, "I might want to go out with you, but I need to see you again first..." I don't know how many times, I've been used... just for sex... :-( And in the end it's practically like, "Wam, bam, thank you maam."

    Witness men aren't much different... Some of them are shy. But the ones who aren't. They show mild forms of affection. And then they decide, they'ld rather be with someone else... maybe someone with less health problems, or prettier, skinnier, ect... Half of them have never given me a chance. I guess I'm just not good enough... Even though, I am a baptized witness of Jehovah and am a great cook, ect...

    I'ld be great in the bedroom! But do they want all that?! Apparently not. They all just want the spiritually strong ones... The pioneers. The ones that never get sick. And can always be out in service, ect. It's just not fair...

    Anyways, I just wanted to say, please don't give up on Jehovah. because of them. Because... there's bound to be someone out there... going through what your going through.

    P.S. - This isn't a... flirt... But I do love those guys with the British Accents. And I think your really cute. -^.^-

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  • SonofObed

    "Nah, they are scissors, i am a hair stylelist"

    That should have been your first clue right there!

  • will-be-apostate

    @SonofObed this made my day :)))

  • Landy
    P.S. - This isn't a... flirt... But I do love those guys with the British Accents. And I think your really cute. -^.^-


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