Meeting Attendance levels

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  • freddo

    I attended a Sunday meeting today after missing a couple due to a bout of chronic apathy. Out of 74 publishers we had a grand total of 33. Wonderful. For those that attend, how are you finding the numbers?

  • steve2
    That's quite a drop-off - did anybody comment about it?
  • Sorry

    The meeting attendance has sharply declined in my area. Of course, the elders blame it on the fact a new congregation was built and they made arrangements to send half of us there, but even after the split, our Hall was still filled. 2 years later, only about half the people still attend. Went from 150 to about 60

  • pale.emperor

    My old cong would average about 70-80 on a good day. However, there were lots of families with children.

  • ToesUp

    Good to know. Things are slidin downhill pretty quickly for WT. THE JIG IS UP WT! Better consolidate those congregations quickly!

  • Steel

    I have found the larger the congregation, the easier it is to hide. In one I was involved with it claimed to have over 100 publishers with meeting attendance being around the 60 mark.

    Another one was in a small town with about 30 publishers with attendance around 24 each meeting.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    There has been quite a drop in attendance In the congregations in our area

  • blondie

    The WTS once had the rule that a congregation could not be divided unless there were 150 publishers, making 75 in each congregation and 3 elders in each, MS?.

    So are they dividing them with lower numbers?

  • Darkknight757

    Before the wife and I walked, attendance was sinking like a lead ship. We used to be a constant 140 on sundays but when the new COBE was appointed attendance dropped fast. I'm not sure where it stands now but months ago attendance was in the 70-80 range at best. Even the CO visit didn't help but maybe another 5-10.

    With few elders and being busy at that, many might have taken advantage of the situation or they just didn't like the new COBE and left.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    local hall near me--for sale--half a million ££--reason--downsizing! merging with another congr.

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